Kitty Solaris

Kitty Solaris


songs out of the kitchen, romantic, dreamy, it´s pop, lofi, singer/songwriter, minimalistic, melancholic, but also very strong and rocky, very surprising! influences are different stuff like ACDC (favorite band of the drummer) and Velvet Underground.


founded as solo project of Berlin Singer/Songwriter Kitty Solaris
She´s an autodidakt and writes her favourite songs at night in the kitchen.
The music is moving between slowmotion, pop, singer/songwriter, electronic music and punk.

She´s inspired by Bands like Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Catpower, Smog and Johnny Cash and also by Hits of the 80ies.
On stage she´s playing electric guitar, she`s singing and she´s accompanied by Steffen on drums.
this is dreamy and romantic music, but also with an edge of rock where traditional songwriting is combined with modern elements from disco and punk.
Music for the time in between late midnight and early morning, when you could believe the world stops turning.
The moment is here and suddenly you have all the time in the world.......

They shared the stage with bands like Sons and Daughters, The Projects, Maximilian Hecker and
Tele. Recently they released the first official album
„Future Air Hostess“ on Solaris Empire/Broken Silence.
They played over 300 concerts in different cities and different places
in Germany, France, Switzy and Italy, in Istanbul, Izmir and at Zeytinly Rock Festival/Turkey.

Now they are recording the new album "My home is my disco" with the help of Holger Müller and Gordon Raphael! It will be released in Autumn!


Different People Recording (CD 2003)
2 Refrains (EP 2004)
Smells like Summer (EP 2005)
Future Air Hostess (Solaris Empire/Broken Silence/CD 2007)

Airplay all around Germany.
"Change Something" Rotation
on Motor FM and Radio Fritz
"Lost in Translation": Rotation on Radio Eins

Set List

1. cold season
2. kisses lift me up
3. jesus died for your sins
4. my home is my disco
5. fighter for diversity
6. I can post
7. the day you´re leaving
8. songs in the radio
9. no more word
10. turn the light on
11. spring will shurely come
12. you have to shave mister