Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, ISR

Sunken dreams, their soundtracks, sand and wilderness is somewhat a rough, yet amorphous, description of Kitzu's music.


Kitzu is a Jerusalem-based alt-experimental band, which is rapidly establishing itself as one of the most interesting and captivating bands to emerge in the local scene in recent years.
During its three years of existence, the band has received great interest by the local and national media and has built a loyal and solid fan base thanks to their unique sound and original songwriting, which combines elements of post rock, electronics and experimental soundscapes.
Kitzu’s music is eclectic and genuine, juggles between genres and styles, and makes it difficult to pinpoint stylistically. However, those who will connect the dots between Blonde Redhead, Mogwai, Cul De Sac and A Silver Mount Zion will probably get a better picture about the band’s influences.
The band won a local battle of the bands competition, and received the funding to record their debut album “Hol”. The album was released in early 2010 with Anova music.
Their new EP will be released with Anova music at the end of 2011


Sand 2010 (Anova Records)
A Swarm Of Details into your Umbilical Cord