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Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Soul


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"Christian Rap artist makes visit to campus"

By: Jessica Young
Issue date: 12/6/05

Females are steadily entering the field of Christian rap. Professor Pollard's Introduction to Gospel Music class invited Kiwi, who is a Christian rapper and promoter. About 60 people attended.

Kiwi has been known for her rapping style and her promotion skills.

Kiwi discussed her background singing traditional gospel with members of her family, what influenced her to go into Christian rap. She also performed some of the raps she wrote when she was as young as 8 or 9.

Pollard said, "What was most impressive to many was her ability to not only present her latest, soon to be recorded rhymes, but to talk about her early work producing an all-urban/Christian rap CD, as well as her work of the last few years in radio promotions for The Cross Movement their label, as well as other artists." The Cross Movement is one of the biggest groups in Christian rap.

Kiwi shared with the class and other attendee's part of a documentary done on Christian rap. This helped the class to get even a greater feel for Christian rap and hip-hop music, and how it plays in the music industry of gospel music.

Pollard said, "I have gotten tremendous responses from my students and my colleagues about her presentation - what she taught them, her performance style and how surprised some of them were to find such a tiny woman with such mad skills,' as one put it."

Other faculty present were Dr. Gloria House, Dr. Jamie Lee and Dr. Marilee Benore Parsons. There were also members of the greater Detroit community.

Kiwi was able to discuss her challenges entering a male-dominated area of gospel music. Kiwi is considered a well-respected Christian hip-hop and rap performer and promoter.

- Michigan Journal - The Student Newspaper of the University of Michigan, Deaborn

"Kiwi, A True Woman of Virtue"

"Dope Artist of The Week"

Hip Hop is such a male driven genre that when you come across a dope female emcee you automatically want to put her up against hip hop's elite. With lyrics that'll sink into your heart and beats that'll make Kanye jump on the band wagon, Kiwi is one of those hidden jewels that deserves to be brought to the forefront. Although she may stand no taller than 5 feet, Kiwi has the swift delivery and lyrical combat to take out any giant in this industry.

Written By
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"Kiwi Interviews...Kiwi?"

Interviewed By: Kiwi & Friends

Ok, so call it “Adult A.D.D.,” artistic, crazy, shear boredom or whatever you want…bottom line is, yes ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I decided to interview myself! (laughing) …But so I wouldn’t scare the kids, I decided to bring a few friends along to join in on the fun! In the words of Kirk Franklin, “I ain’t crazy…I just REALLY love Jesus!”

Interviewed by Kiwi, Lisa McClendon, Prime Minister, Alita Eagles (from R&P Radio and Café Psalms 150), Da’ TRUTH , JD (from, Ms. Ty Scott (from Platinum Souls,) Steel Will (from Mad Prophets and the Yuinon) and UGA’s founder, Curtis Jermany!

Favorite Movie: The Wiz
Favorite Cereal: Lucky Charms or Corn Flakes
Favorite Cartoon Character: Batman and Bugs Bunny
In CD Players: Adrianne Archie/Martha Munizzi/DC Talk (Welcome To The Freak Show- Live)/Da’ TRUTH (The Faith)/Lisa McClendon (Soul Music) and Todd Bangz (Think It´s A Game)

You know this is going to be kind of weird for some people, right? Everyone isn’t going to get it…
Yeah, but it’s going to be fun to do something different. Sometimes even staying busy can become routine and we all need something to break up the monotony.

(JD) How did you get started musically?
I grew up in a musical family. My mom and my brother were both choir directors. My mom started teaching me how to play the keyboard when I was around 8 years old. That’s about the time I started writing music. I started writing poetry at age 10 and I started rhyming publicly at 16 years old.

Why did you choose to minister through Hip-Hop? Why not through some other means?
Well, I do minister through other means…I minister through Word, through spoken word, through song, through drawing… I think Hip-Hop is my favorite though. I’m not sure why, it just is.

(MS. TY SCOTT) What is it like being one of the few women on the frontlines of the HHH movement?
I should ask you! (laughing) …I really don’t think about it. God called me to this, so I just go and walk in obedience.

(ALITA EAGLES) What separates your ministry from those that are already established in the music ministry?
My music is more along the lines of what David wrote in Psalms. A lot of my music is like Hip-Hop praise and worship…the rest of it focuses a lot on my personal prayers, struggles and trials. It’s not easy being straight up transparent ...some things I don’t want to share, but I learned that it’s your personal experience and testimony that reaches people because you’re not just flappin’ your gums about something you heard…you’re speaking from experience about how God did it for you.

(PRIME MINISTER) How do you feel about the lack of women in Holy Hip Hop?
Well, there are women on different legs in the Holy Hip-Hop movement. For instance, Kia Jones-Glenn is pretty much the Hip-Hop go-to-person for publicity. JD has and she’s an awesome Web master, (she constructed The Cross Movement’s website) …but on the artist side I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a lack of women representation, but I think it’s more of a lack of exposure. Whenever I minister somewhere, there’s always a young lady who approaches me saying that she rhymes too! If you notice in the church world, female ministers are getting more exposure than they used to and a lot of that has to do with the Juanita Bynum-Weeks’, the Joyce Meyers’, the Iona Locke’s and the Jackie McCullough’s…so, on that same vein, we have our fore runners like: Elle Roc, Jaz (Unity Klan), Pooh (Tru 2 Society), Alisha (A-1 Swift), Elsie (New Breed), Zhane (Tunnel Ratz), Ayesha…I believe it’s a seasonal thing and our season will come.

(LISA MCCLENDON) Why do you think Hip-Hop on this side of the cross is having such a struggle getting respect in the gospel industry?
I’m looking forward to your live CD release by the way…you’re one of the only artists who can have me cryin’ like Snoopy when he listens to Schroeder! (laughing) To answer your question, I used to work for a Gospel Record Label and what I heard (and am still hearing) is that we aren’t unified. I’m hearing about beefs between HHH groups like we were secular artists or something! That’s ridiculous…at this point, “old things should be passed away”. We need to build a strong unit, but everyone is so “busy” with their own agendas that we don’t link up together to make things happen. I also think that we won’t make major headway in the industry until the church has a true understanding of our ministry. As you know, a lot of the industry gate keepers have major positions in churches as well…so it comes down to educating ministry leaders…not just youth leaders, but Pastors, First Ladies and Church Mothers…

(CURTIS JERMANY) How do you manage to juggle ministry, performing, running your own business, music duties at the church, freelance writing, a 9-5 and family throughout the week?
VERY prayerfully! (laughing) I’ve always been sort of a workaholic…I think I just like staying busy, it keep -

"Pure Flava - Pure Gospel"

In a compilation that was seemingly made for summer bump (and with an album title that we here at are rather partial to), Crystal Rose Records assembles a killer combo of 16 hot tracks that pump rhythm and praise.

There’s some familiar stuff on here, including hits from the holy hip hop’s Camp Quest crew, choice cuts from the Lee Jerkins-produced Rock of Ages set, and Farley Keith “Jackmaster Funk”’s club remix of Ricky Dillard and New G’s “That’s Just Like Him”. Erick Matthews also contributes with a couple, as does Derrick Stark’s & Today’s Generation (with their cover of Lionel Richie’s “Jesus Is Love”).

The sizzle gets spicy when Detroit newcomer Donavan slows it down with the prayerful and soulful vocals of “Teach Me”. Lisa McClendon delivers her delectable neosoul with “If You Fall”, and the much respected Corey Red drops his East Coast accented rap flows on "It’s My Turn”.

Look to Steve McCaster for “Born Again”, a phat cut that drops his smooth sound on a bumpy, brass track. A native of Buffalo, New York, McCaster brings his Kim Burrell influenced jazzy-soul tones to the fore.

Others making first-time impacts are the Mad Prophets crew with their stipped down sound on “Street Theology”, rapper T-Church (both out of Detroit) with his plea “Lord, I Need You” and Kiwi with Diane Magee (formerly of Witness) with the ‘put yo hands up’ rhythmic vocal bonus cut vibe of “Pure Flave”.

Producers: Various
album release date: June, 2002
Crystal Rose Records

— reviewed by Stan North —


"Press Release"



DETROIT—Multi-faceted hip hop lyricist/singer/spoken word artist, Kiwi releases her debut full length project, “Handwritten”. The CD is a thought-provoking collection of songs that are uplifting to people of all ages. Kiwi discusses very personal subjects on “Handwritten” in an effort to reach the listener and encourage them as they go through life’s challenges. As she reveals her bouts with suicide, depression and a pregnancy outside of marriage, Kiwi has been a source of inspiration for others to overcome any obstacle they face. “Handwritten” can be purchased on,, and

Kiwi is no stranger to the hip hop world. She has appeared on more than 10 projects including the critically acclaimed hip hop compilation, “Pure Gospel, Pure Flava”, and has been featured on CDs with Rhythm & Praise artists such as Platinum Souls and Mahogany Jones. Kiwi says, “’Handwritten’ has been in the works for some time and now that it's finally here, I feel like I just gave birth! Sometimes I listen to it and let the lyrics minister back to me; God is so awesome. The experiences I wrote about, the tears, the prayers, the struggles...I now see why I went through them and it was worth it! "

Dr. Deborah Smith Pollard, Host/Producer of "Strong Inspirations" on FM 98 WJLB-Detroit says, "’Handwritten’ has it all: a skillful blend of scriptural truths, memorable lyrics, and singable hooks on tracks like ‘Away’ that pull in every segment of my listening audience.” Dr. Pollard has been a huge supporter of Kiwi’s ministry and is currently playing "Choices", “Away” and “Hills” from the CD. Her show, “Strong Inspirations” is celebrating 15 years on the air and still controls the #1 position of the Sunday morning radio listening audience of 850,000+ Detroit residents.

Willie Mae McIver, a 29 year national radio broadcast veteran and National Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame inductee is also a supporter of Kiwi’s music. Ms. McIver is currently playing the single, “First Love” on her syndicated show, “Beyond the Praise” and says, “Kiwi has a refreshing, upbeat, contemporary sound that is sure to attract the young and young at heart. She has a unique blend of urban hip hop beats and harmony with biblically sound messages. Youth Pastors and Ministers of Music: this CD is ‘Handwritten’ for your youth.”

The CD’s other radio singles, "Choices", “Away” and “Hills” have received airplay on Pastor Marvin L. Winans’ show, "Rhythm and Praise" which can be heard on WMXD 92.3 FM on Sunday mornings in Detroit. Kiwi has been a guest on his program three times although hip hop is not a genre usually played on the show. Winans is best known for his career with the legendary multi-GRAMMY-winning gospel group, The Winans, and is the Pastor of Perfecting Church in Detroit.

Her recent performance at Winans’ Perfecting Church, archived on the Kiwi313TV YouTube page (see link below) courtesy of WTBC Radio, showcased renditions of “Away” and “First Love”. You can watch how Kiwi’s personal testimony captures the attention of the entire congregation.

For radio servicing, broadcast announcers can fill out Radio Servicing Request on
To watch Kiwi minister live at Pastor Winans’ church, paste the following link into your browser:

# # #
- and

"Artist Spotlight"

This month we had the
opportunity to interview
this "multi-God talented"
(i just made that word up :) for ya'll)

This young lady speaks with
beauty grace and most importantly

Her name is Kiwi and she not only
is gifted with tongue of the
discipled for SpokenWord she is
also a Minister of the Gospel and
she ministers in music.

HS:Who is your greatest inspiration?

Kiwi: I know everyone probably says this, but honestly, God is my greatest inspiration. ...Our talks, His chastisements, His comfort and promises...He's the dopest!

HS:How did you get started in SpokenWord?

Kiwi:I started writing songs around the age of 6 and poetry around 8 or 9. I
thought it was cool being able to piece words together, etc. which led into me
ministering through hip hop and the performance/dramatic side of poetry
(spoken word).

HS: Which is your favorite spokenword track you've done?

Kiwi: It changes depending on where I am at the moment, you feel me? Right now
I would have to say it's "Choices" which is one of the new joints on the CD,
"The Window".

HS: Do you have words of encouragement to Parents?

Kiwi: Definitely! PLEASE encourage and support the creativity of your children!
My parents supported my love for music by listening to my little songs,
paying for music lessons at a young age and, more recently, paying my way
through college so I could receive my degree in music. Although they didn't
always understand my passion for this, they continued that support to this
day and I appreciate them for that! It's nothing like being able to look at
your mom and dad and say, "see?" (laughing)

HS: When God gives you an international platform what will you say to the

Kiwi: There's nothing too hard for God...He is a healer of not only physical illness,
but emotional wounds as well. Once we get that relationship going with Him
through Christ than we can learn that and the many other characteristics of
God. Complete healing and deliverance is possible!

HS: What's next for you and where can we obtain your work?

Kiwi: I'm currently finishing my first full length CD, "The Window," which should
be available Spring/Summer 2007. It will have something for everyone on it,
hip-hop, spoken word, praise and worship, CCM... I'm excited to finally be
able to express most sides of what God gave me! is
almost complete, which is one place you can purchase the will have
information and footage not available on myspace. Last but not least, my
first tour is in the works! Yaaay! It will feature me as well as an awesome,
anointed dancer name LeKora White from True Grace Dance Company... So,
if any ministries are interested they can fill out the booking form on the
website or contact me at

Thank you for the opportunity!

"Kiwi, Psalter For The Soul"

Christian hip-hop has so often been used as a tool for outreach that we may forget that it also can be used for worship. This opportunity has not been lost on artist Kiwi, however. Using a unique blend of singing, rapping, spoken-word poetry and musicianship, as well as what she learned of God's healing grace through a difficult past, Kiwi composes what she calls “urban psalms” to offer an alternative for praise. She lets us in on what we can expect of her sonic gumbo on her new release “Handwritten,” and inspires us to always keep it real with God.

Danielle Campbell-Angah: Thanks again for your interest in taking time out to talk to

Kiwi: No problem! I'm honored to have the interview!

DCA: For starters, I thought I'd throw out a question to give God some praise. What's the best, or most valuable lesson, you've learned from God during your walk so far?

K: That He’s God... I need to fall back and trust Him, you know? It's easy to lose perspective, but He's teaching me daily to trust Him and that He knows what He's doing...It may sound funny, but it's real...

DCA: No, I can totally understand that one. The interlude on your album about the game where you trust someone on falling back into their arms hit home. Having a relationship with God is definitely about being comfortable with falling back, even as you mature as an adult, and understand all the things that could go wrong. But He's one person who will never, ever drop you!!!

K: Yes, exactly! But that's such a hard lesson to learn. It's human nature to want to try and ‘fix’ things.

Kiwi at Perfecting Church

DCA: Amen. Very true. I've had ‘Handrwitten’ in rotation this week, and I wanted to say I really enjoyed it. It's refreshing that the CHH arena allows female MCs to talk about anything, unlike the small range of discussion for secular women rappers. I love that you can go from the relationship you have with God, to perceptions about CHH, and even throw in a reference to Snagglepuss and the Swedish Chef!

K: [Laughs.] I loved ‘The Muppet Show!’ [Laughs.] Yeah, in my mind, nothing is off limits when it comes to music. Even concerning my walk with Christ...In my mind, I'm going through this or went through this for someone else. A lot of times people are scared to say ‘Hey, I jacked up too! But God still loved me enough to chasten me.’

DCA: That's true. I think it's very valuable, especially for folks who have been newly called by God, to understand that the walk isn't without potholes in the road. I understand from your bio that you hesitated to share your poetry and rhymes, that you had to be coaxed into pursuing this ministry. What changed your mind?

K: Hmm, I wouldn't say ‘coaxed,’ but God gave me a song back in the day called ‘Prophet's Struggle’ and it blew my mind. Not that I was so dope or whatever...but it was the first hip hop joint I heard that I felt God's presence on and it led me to worship. That tripped me out! I was like ‘Yooo! You can worship from a hip-hop joint?!’ [Laughs.] I thought, like a lot of others, that hip-hop was only for outreach, and that's not true.

DCA: Gotcha. It's wonderful that hip-hop has gotten a chance to become a multifaceted thing for Christians, just like it is for the secular side. I know, like you mentioned on your song, ‘In Regards,’ though, that there are some people who don't see the value hip-hop can have for outreach and worship when it comes to the younger generations. How do you deal with that as an artist?

K: Well, it's something I'm still learning how to do. I'm learning how to just be me. I'm learning how not to look at what I think people are looking for me to bring when I hit the stage, but to hear what songs God wants me to bring. Sometimes I may do a slower joint at a hype setting if that's what I'm led to do, you feel me? But I'm learning that sometimes in a room full of people, God has me there for one person and I'm learning to be cool with that. Overall I pray I can help bridge gaps. Also, I believe in dialogue with those who don't ‘get’ what we do.

DCA: That reminds me of a line from another female CHH rapper named Blaze. She said basically rappers are the messengers; they just walk the stage for God to get His message out.

K: Exactly! Ms. Ty Scott from Platinum Souls says something similar in one of her pieces. I feel like we are the John the Baptist-es of our day: The church culture doesn't get us, but we are saying it anyway.

DCA: Wow! Good analogy. There you go. [Laughs.] There are definitely still things that need to be said. And when you are in a setting like Detroit, where you rep, you definitely need to do it in a way that those who most need the message will understand.

Kiwi Unplugged "Hills"

That leads me to another question: What audience are you trying to reach?

K: Honestly, my audience is anyone who has ears! [Laughs.] I have a special heart for those who are hurting because I understand that place…I’ve ex - - Written by Danielle Campbell-Angah

"Kiwi - Handwritten"

FULL NAME: Kim Williams
BIRTHDAY: February 27th
Rock COGIC (Pastor Ernest
I Corinthians 9:24-27 (At the
HOBBIES: My hobby
became my career, so…sleeping?

"It's not by choice, God called me to it..."

Denna D’Mitri: Has Kiwi always been your nickname or was it developed as a stage name for your career?

Kiwi: My sister started calling me ‘Kiwi’ when I was younger and it just stuck (laughing). Sorry, I wish I had a better story for you.

Denna D’Mitri: How long have you been rapping and what inspired you to begin?

Kiwi: I’ve been MCing over 10 years. I started out singing with my brother and sister when I was around the age of 6. I began writing music at that time, which led to writing poetry… One day my brother brought home a tape of Michael Peace, who is one of the
Christian Hip Hop pioneers, and I was hooked! I began rhyming for fun when I was ten and my sister
pulled me aside and said that I would be known around the world
through rap music…I thought she
was crazy! (laughing) Around the
age of 16, God gave me a song called “Prophet’s Struggle” and that’s what did it. …it was the first time I felt God’s presence through a hip hop song. Up until that point I thought hip hop was just for evangelism, but “Prophet’s Struggle” showed me that this genre can be used to usher in God’s presence just like other
genres of music. That’s what started my journey.

Denna D’Mitri: So you prefer the term M.C. over Rapper? What’s the difference between the two?

Kiwi: Well, rapping/MCing (emceeing)/spittin/rhyming are all interchangeable, it just depends on preference.

Denna D’Mitri: Gotcha…Tell me, who
are some of your musical influences?

Kiwi: Wow, who isn’t?! (laughing) Artistically, I listen to some of everyone! I love people who are creative…artists who put thought behind their music. I grew up being a HUGE Clark Sisters fan…hearing how their voices would blend as well as how they would break a slow song down and just flow with whatever God was giving them at the time…Artists like Angella Christie and Jason Upton also influenced me heavily on worship
and ushering in God’s presence. Angie Winans…the list goes on and on… It’s impossible to name everyone because I learn from everyone, even if it’s learning what NOT to do.

Denna D’Mitri: Who are some of your favorite artists?

Kiwi: I don’t really have a favorite artist. Right now I have Shana Wilson, Mahogany Jones, Adrianne Archie, Mizz Reality, Billie Holiday and the soundtrack from The Wiz on repeat in my mp3 player!

Denna D’Mitri: Is this your first project?

Kiwi: Yes. I’ve collaborated with artists in the past and I released a 6 song EP in 2007 called “Transparency Theory,” but
“Handwritten” is my first full length CD.

Denna D’Mitri: Oh really? Is it still
available for purchase?

Kiwi: “Transparency Theory” was a limited edition EP so it’s no longer available; however some of the songs are featured on “Handwritten” which is currently
available for download on and itunes. If anyone wants an actual CD, they can order them from or purchase at my table during live events.

Denna D’Mitri:What inspired you to record it and who is your target audience?

Kiwi:Life is my greatest inspiration…the things I’ve dealt with and how God is carrying me through it is a testimony that I had to share. I’m a worshipper so I would say my target audience is anyone who has
a heart for God and is seeking and understands the need for His presence.

Denna D’Mitri: How creative were you in the creation process? How involved were you as far as writing/producing etc…

Kiwi: “Handwritten” was my baby,
through and through! (laughing) I tried recording in other studios, but the content was so intimate, I ended up recording it all in my studio and sent it out for mastering.
I produced the music for over half of
the CD and I wrote all of the lyrics,
minus Mahogany Jones’ verse and
Aima’s parts on “I Won’t Let Go”.
My songs are prayers and conversations between God and myself...those pep talks as well as rebukes. God told me to be transparent with my walk and my lyrics reflect that...people can definitely identify with them.”

Denna D’Mitri: You are very passionate on stage when delivering a song, where does your motivation come from?

Kiwi: EXPERIENCE! I realize who I am and who God is… that’s where the song “Inadequate” came from on the CD. I KNOW I don’t deserve these opportunities! I KNOW my tears, my prayers, my struggles…but yet God still loved me. I’m so
grateful… I try to relay how dope God is to others who may not realize that God loves them and desires intimacy from us.

Denna D’Mitri: You mentioned that you have directed choirs in the past, do you play any instruments?

Kiwi:Yes, I play organ, piano and drums.

Denna D’Mitri:Tell us about one of your most painful experiences.

Kiwi: Hon - WOW Magazine - Written by Denna D'mitri

"Conway Interviews Kiwi"

Conway: How did you get involved in spoken word and rap?

Kiwi: I started out singing in a group with my brother and one of my sisters when I was younger, and I started writing. When I was about 9 years old, my brother brought home a couple of CDs that really blew me away, and it was when Christian rap started getting really big. I started rapping and joking around at first, but then God started giving me music. From there, I started writing poetry as a way to express myself, and to me, it was just a natural progression.

Conway: Who are some of your influences?

Kiwi: I can be inspired by just about anybody, so it's hard for me to answer that question; it's been some of everybody: A-1 Swift, Dynamic Twins, Gospel Gangstas, Lisa McClendon...I listen to movie soundtracks...I just love music. There's always something that I can draw from in everybody.

Conway: What challenges have you faced being a spoken-word artist?

Kiwi: I haven't really faced any challenges. The only reason why I started recording spoken word is when I'm ministering live, it's a progression. I'll rap, and God might lead me to go into spoken word. The response is so great and people love it, so I felt obligated to record it because they want to walk away with what they heard.

Conway: How did you come to know the Lord for yourself?

Kiwi: My dad is a pastor, and I grew up in a Christian household. I started playing the keyboard at my church when I was 8 years old. So I would hear the Word, and I always knew what was right, but I didn't have the full grasp of what I was hearing. When I was in school, I couldn't stand being so different, so I prayed and told God, "If You'll get me through middle school, then I'll give my life to You." At my eighth grade graduation, I told God, "You kept Your promise, so I'm gonna keep mine," and I gave my life to the Lord right then and there, right before I walked into the auditorium to graduate.

Conway: Do you think the preaching ministry has been passed down to you?

Kiwi: I ran from that for so long. That was one of my biggest struggles in high school. I told God, "I don't want to preach." I come from a whole family of preachers. My dad's a pastor, my brother was an assistant pastor, and my mom preaches, so I said, "We have enough preachers in the family." But eventually I started preaching. So it's definitely something that came down. Even when I'm ministering musically, it just comes out. You can't deny it.

Conway: What have you been working on lately?

Kiwi: I'm working on a full-length project called Hand-Written. That's my heart, that's my baby, because it's really personal and expressive of the things that God has given me and what I've been through the past few years. I produced a majority of the material and recorded it in my own studio. I couldn't have that same intimacy in another person's studio.

Conway: Is there any one thing in your life that you consider a major victory that's become a general theme in your music?

Kiwi: I really feel like God has called me to the hurting. I've been through a whole lot, especially being a single mother, and I also experienced depression and suicidal thoughts. Overall, I want to tell my audience, "You are an overcomer." I had to learn how to allow God to love me like He wanted to love me. Through all of that, I was able to get an understanding of not only who God is, but who I am in God and with God. Once you have that relationship with Him, it's all uphill from there. It took some time, and it's a process. I still deal with things sometimes, but I'm thirsty enough for Him to just trust Him and allow Him to be God.


Kiwi - "Solace: A Worship Experience" (2010)

Octavia Harris - The CFRN Mixtape (2009)
"Worship Piece"

Mizz Reality's - "All In Awe" (June 29, 2009)
"Let It Shine" (

Sicily - "Tha Shows Over" (2009)
"Rescue Me" (free download)

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"Handwritten" - (2009)

Karl Nova (UK Artist) (2009)
"I Still Believe - Take 2" (,

Mahogany Jones - "Morphed" (2008)
"Everybody's Everything (Remix)" (Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody)

Mahogany Jones - "The Gathering - Obedient Dirt Mixtape" (2007)
"Wake Up" (

"Transparency Theory" - EP - 2007

A.D.I.D.A.M. - "Violinistik" (2007)
"Reality" (CD Baby)

Prime Minister and Pooh - Back 2 Business (Jan. 2006)
"In The Midst" and "All Ryders"

David Miller -"Standing On The Promises" (2004)
"Praise Him" (Yahoo Music, CD Baby, Napster, Amazon)

Platinum Souls - "Unexpected Mixes Vol. 5 - Bullet Proof" (2004)
Excerpt of "Tired"

Underground Concepts - EP (2004)

Pure Gospel - Pure Flava (2002)
"Pure Flave" (Nationally Distributed through EMD)



"It was not by choice, God called me to it," states KIWI about her extraordinary ministry. When this soldier steps up to the mic, one should not assume what she's about to do, because she does it all to glorify God. This vessel draws souls into God's kingdom by ministering through the preached word, rhyming, poetry and singing.

Born in Norfolk, Virginia, but raised in the Gospel capital of the world, Detroit, Michigan, KIWI was born into a family of soldiers in the army of the Lord. Every member of her immediate family is involved in ministry in one way or another so it was only destined that KIWI would continue the legacy. The gift of music was planted deeply into her soul and when KIWI surrendered all to HIM, what had been planted began to flourish. "I started rhyming for fun when I was ten," states KIWI. "My sister prophesied that hip-hop is how I would become known across the world and that millions would come to God's kingdom because of my ministry. I didn't receive it because I had absolutely NO intentions to rhyme publicly, but God finally ran me down and I had to say yes!"

KIWI wants to be received as a real and honest person. She wants her audience to know that she is touchable and she has real, everyday experiences like everyone else. "I write from my experiences, heartaches and prayers," says KIWI. "My songs are prayers and conversations between God and myself...those pep talks as well as rebukes. God told me to be transparent with my walk and my lyrics reflect that...people can definitely identify with them."

She realizes that traveling will increase to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through her ministry and she is looking forward to seeing that day. "It's so much more than putting on a good show," says KIWI. "My main goal is to usher in God's presence and show people what they're missing if they don't know Christ. It's about winning lost souls and showing others that there is purpose and victory after the drama".