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"Incredible International Artist, Ki-yo"

The first English-language single dropped by Japanese pop sensation Ki-yo, the infectiously upbeat "#1" weaves its way through a supersonic blend of high-tempo hip-hop beats with a message of love, empowerment, and the will to go on. "I want this song to remind the listener of the people in their lives who care about them the most--their number one fans. Even when you're down, the people who love you never stop cheering. I want this song to remind people of that and inspire them to move forward even in hard times," says the artist himself, who knows a thing or two about carrying on, given that he single-handedly wrote, produced, and orechestrated the entirety of "#1." But with music this ecstatically catchy, don't be surprised if you miss the message and declare yourself the newest #1 fan of this incredible international artist. - Ben Milam, MTV


"Spend My Life With You" July. 1. 2012 releaed

"Dear All My Loves" June. 1. 2012 released

"#1" May.1.2012 released

Ocean Blue Bellwood Records / Genius
2006.08.30 GNS-10001

Just for you… TOSHIBA EMI / Glamour
2003.11.27 TOCT-4518

Call me TOSHIBA EMI / Glamour
2003.02.14 TOCT-4430

Shiawase no hizashi TOSHIBA EMI / Glamour
2002.08.21 TOCT-4406

The Only One TOSHIBA EMI / Glamour
2001.04.18 TOCT-22147

2001.02.09 TOCT-22133

No No No TOSHIBA EMI / Glamour
2000.10.12 TOCT-22119


A Piece Of Love 2010.01.01

Stop On By compactsounds / Genius
2004.12.08 CSCA-009

THE Remix TOSHIBA EMI / Glamour
2003.03.29 TOCT-22223

I'll be there TOSHIBA EMI / Glamour
2001.07.25 TOCT-246176


KIYOTAKA Over The Sea Tour 2011 Winter 2011.06.27

KIYOTAKA Tour 2010 Over The Sea
Yokohama Edition(BLUE) 2010.8.18

KIYOTAKA Tour 2010 Over The Sea
Osaka Edition(RED) 2010.8.15



Ki-yo (well-known as KIYOTAKA in Japan) started playing piano at the age of five with a passion for music that has remained throughout his life.

Ki-yo was discovered at the age of 16, and released his first single, “No No No” at age 17. It was immediately put into heavy rotation on 17 major radio stations in Japan - a record for a new artist. His third single, “The Only One”, sold over 350,000 copies, and his debut album, “I’ll Be There”, reached Number 7 on the Japan Pop Chart its first week. That same year, Ki-yo received the “ALL JAPAN REQUEST AWARD”, and the “JFN LISTENER’S AWARD”.
Currently, Ki-yo’s total album sales have reached over one million copies. He has appeared live at a number of festivals, such as the “JOUNETSU TAIRIKU SPECIAL LIVE SUMMER TIME BONANZA” before over 40,000 people. Ki-yo expanded his reach by co-writing the score and serving as Music Director for “Seven Seas”, the musical theatre production in Tokyo. Seeking inspiration and a more global perspective on music,

Ki-yo moved to New York in 2010 and became a lead singer of the “Harlem Japanese Gospel Choir”, which took first place, out of 40,000 entries, in the McDonald’s Gospel Festival in 2010 – the first time in history for an internationally assembled Gospel group. After their win, the Choir was invited to perform as the first ever, Japanese guest performers at the Apollo Theater.

Recently in New York, Ki-yo has appeared Off-Broadway in the musical, “Black Nativity Now” and has graciously supported the IKO Kyokushinkaikan by performing the USA National Anthem at “The 2010 and 2011 ALL AMERICAN OPEN INTERNATIONAL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS".

Ki-yo’s international debut single "#1", topped the Amazon Japan Pop Chart in 3 different categories (MP3 total sales, Pop, and R&B/Soul). This year, he has been working in Harlem, NY on his eagerly awaited, second studio album.Ki-yo was born and raised in Sendai, Japan, the region on the Pacific Ocean directly hit by the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of 3/11/11. In the aftermath of the disaster last year, Ki-yo has been working with aid charities in Japan and in the USA, to raise funds and give hope through music, for the people of his community in Sendai, to help recover and rebuild.