An amazing sounding acoustic Rock band with big voices and big guitars, a new unique and fresh original sound.


Originally from New York, Juan and Freddy previously played together in the hard rock band 'Graphic.' The two have played in New York City's finest venues, such as CBGB's, Limelight, Elbow Room, Continental, etc. The duo has reunited after a two-year hiatus that saw both members experiment in solo projects. Their voices and creativity combine to generate beautiful harmonies and deeply lyrical tunes. Kizzmit is a two man Acoustic Original Rock group, with very melody driven and very catchy original music. They have a strong Latin influence thanks to Juan Pablo's Argentine family roots. Kizzmit's music has been compared to a cross between the Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, and the Counting Crows. The music's fresh, unique sound speaks for itself. Kizzmit will be playing live and loud across around the Fort Lauderdale/Miami Area with their backup band, which consists of a bassist and percussionist/drummer. Kizzmit are bringing their amazing sounds down to South Florida to rock the scene.


"Nothing's Wrong"

Written By: Kizzmit

Lyrics to “Nothing’s Wrong” :


Searching Long For you Tonight Seems Like Never you ever with me

Looking Out Across The Way, Seems To misplace all Of My Feelings

I’ll Call You Out.. Hope to You Say My name back..

Just Scream And shout But Still Nothing Comes Out Still Nothing Comes Out


I Believe Nothing Is Wrong On the inside

Can it be were no one gets left in the middle

I can see Everything will work out Right

Oh Oh Oh


"Nothing's Wrong"

Set List

We have about 20 to 25 original songs we have written and ready to be play to a wide audience. Potential hits include, "Nothing's Wrong" La Cienda" "In Bewteen The Lies" "Know" Sunlight" etc