Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee

Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee

 Huntsville, Texas, USA
SoloR&BAdult Contemporary

Kizzo is a SongWriter, Producer, & Artist, with a wide range of vocal styles and musical talents. Kizzo is also knowledgeable in music business. Review the PR tab and listen to full songs on broadjam.


About Kizzo:   

ntroducing the artist Charles 'KIZZO' Kizzee of Kizzotainment:

Kizzo's music falls within several genres. This includes; R&B, Pop, and Urban Soul. The mood is simply; SMOOTH, describing the newly released album titled, “Smooth It Out.'  
Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee is from Huntsville TX,  a small city near Houston.  Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee, began performing in the mid 90’s before attended the Art Institute of Houston, where; he received a degree in Music Business Management with a Concentration in Audio and Video Production. 

Kizzo has been invited as guest on concerts in: Austin, San, Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, and Houston. He has been interviewed on radio by hosts in: London, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Detroit, Houston, California and other regions.  Kizzo has had multiple guest appearances on H.O.T. TV and Talk Back w/Terri, as well as; featured story in Jamsource and ITZ Magazine and single, ' Checking On You,'  making it to the top #3 in the Bump it or Dump it segments of trend city radio.

We firmly believe that once you have listened, and reviewed his repertoire, vocal range ability, natural writing ability and ear for sound, you will agree that;  Charles ‘Kizzo’ Kizzee is a perfect fit as an opener for one the upcoming concerts scheduled at your venue; A spot in your publication, or; his music as an addition to your playlist.

Remember: Kizzo is not a beginner, nor is he just an artist.  He is the total package: Artist, Song-Writer, and Producer; who is familiar with the music business. It would be a great honor to Kizzo to be considered as a part of your event or publication.

For entertainment; A simple, but high energy track show will be provided. Kizzo is available to meet with you for a pre-show audition if necessary. 

After reviewing this site and other sources for Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee's music, contact his Publicist; 
(Ms Ssugah Chaney) on: (281)873.2377 or (832)679.6040 

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Kizzo has taken the best from a few of his favorites in the industry, and developed a style, which has come to be known as; 'KIZZOTAINMENT.
  His influesnces are :Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmond, New Edition, and more.
Urban R&B / Contemporary / Pop / Dance

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Make it Happen

Written By: Written by: Charles “Kizzo” Kizzee / Kizzotianment BMI

Make it Happen (featuring Big Ross)

2 hot, So Sexy, on Fire, She’s a wrecka
What’s up can we get it crackin’
I just wanna make it happen

Since the very 1st moment, I saw you I wanted to approach you
Since then I been losing my composure, and only you can give me closure
How can I describe this attraction, that’s above any passion
Girl you’re such a distraction, tell me what’s your reaction

That girl is in my system, I can’t dismiss it, I can’t resist
I got my hat fitted, shades tinted
bout to get wit it, man I got to represent it


I’m not trying to offend you, I’m just trying to compliment you
I can not pretend to, not be so into you
You’re sexy but respectful, that’s what makes me respect you
Girl these are my confessions, so tell me how can I get next to you

That girl is in my system, can’t stop until I’m her decision
Get her attention, see my position
Heard this before, but this is my rendition




Music by: Christyle Trakz / C. Spivey Music Publishing BMI
Written by: Charles “Kizzo” Kizzee / Kizzotianment BMI


Show Goes On -
Make it happen, Lover's Anthem, Show Goes On

SGO2(the great escape)
Rewind, Nite Iz Yung, Love Hate, That's What I'm Use 2

Radio stations playing Kizzo:  Single: Checkin On You

92.9 THE MIX HARTFORD, CT 0 7 7 7 7 7 7

 96 FM THE BEAT LAS VEGAS, NV 0 8 7 7 7 8 6


 HOT 107 JAMZ PITTSBURGH, PA 0 7 7 7 8 7 8


Show Goes On (Sgo)
88.7 FM
Xradio 247

90.5, KSHU, JANGO, IAC ...

Category: Music

* 55 (aka Mr Taylor) - "Poppin Rubberbands"

Produced by Kizzo

* Zeek & D Mo - "Never Give Up" Featuring Kizzo

and "Make it Happen Pt. 2" w/ Talent
Produced by and Featuring Kizzo


* The Boiler Room - "Flashing Lights Underground "

Performed by Kizzo


* Talent - "Real Life" w/ Tokyo Featuring Kizzo

and "U Killin' Me" w/ Billy Cook Co-Written by Kizzo

* Big Ron - "Ride With Me" Featuring Kizzo


* Congo - "I Choose U" Co-Written by Kizzo


Set List

Kizzo is a true performer. His sets are generally not done by the number of songs, but more by the time allowed. You can be sure that when Kizzo is is the crowd! All of Kizzo's music is unique and his own.

Three members on stage.

Set List

Checkin On You - Kizzo

Got a Hold On Me - Talent, Kizzo, Trakz

Texas - Talent with Kizzo as hype

[next two songs may be random]