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Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee

Huntsville, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

Huntsville, TX | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo R&B Adult Contemporary





Artist, Songwriter and Producer, Kizzo, Releases New Album Titled “Makeover”

Back by popular demand, this music genius in the making is back and better than ever.

HOUSTON, TEXAS —Influenced by such artists like Michael Jackson, Babyface and Prince, Charles ‘Kizzo’ Kizzee is not a one-dimensional artist by a long shot. In fact, his music attracts fans from all genres and walks of life. As time progresses, his music only continues to get better and better, hence, the name for his latest project.
“In life, we all evolve. And, for me, that’s certainly been the case,” stated Kizzo. “Each project I put out, I progress and grow. I feel like there’s been a gradual transformation with this album.”
In his case, change has certainly been a good thing since the April 5th release of his album, “Makeover.” For Kizzo, he describes this particular project as diverse, packed with soul and feel-good R&B.
“I wrote and composed all of the songs. It’s full of lyricism,” explained Kizzo. “This album allowed me to go back to writing songs naturally.
The debut single from the album is called “Checkin’ On You.” It’s described as a mid-tempo track clarifying a male-female friendship.
“It’s really just about calling someone up who’s been on your mind for a while just to see how they’re doing,” stated Kizzo. “Each song on the album gets a little closer and closer into the stages of a relationship.”
After dedicating a song to his firstborn daughter titled “The Moment,” he followed up with a new track on his latest album titled “One More.”
“My first daughter had a song, so of course my second daughter needed a song too,” stated Kizzo.
“I really want listeners to be able to hear and get into the songwriting on this album. I want them to feel good about the music. I want it to take them somewhere. That’s what music is.”
To learn more about Kizzo, check him out: - Upcoming100

"Charles ' Kizzo' Kizzee"

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"Jamsource Magazine"

Kizzo ft_Soul of Seven

From R&B to Hip Hop, Soul to Pop, multi talented artist/writer/producer, Charles “Kizzo” Kizzee continuesto reveal to the world a style that can only be described as, “Kizzotainment.” Growing up in the small town of Huntsville, Texas never stopped Kizzo from having big city dreams. Early on, Kizzo was influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, BabyFace, New Edition, LL Cool J, BBD, Bobby Brown, Janet Jackson and Teddy Riley. Through the years, regardless of added influences, it was the ‘originals’ that played the greatest part in developing his identity.After high school, Charles attended the Art Institute of Houston obtaining a degree in Music/Video Business. Initially it was a choice made to develop as a producer, but the decision proved crucial to future ventures (from running an indie label, and forming his own songwriting/producing/publishing company).

Although Kizzo’s solo efforts now seems as natural as breathing, it actually took him quite some time to reach that point. The early stages of his journey were experienced with local groups. It wasn’t until years later that one label in particular was interested in not only the group (then C3), but Kizzo as a solo artist as well. After much discussion, negotiation and most of all convincing, Kizzo agreed to give it a go. The project that Kizzo created wasn’t the vision of that label; However, Kizzo & label(Seven Figure Entertainment) released it anyway. The project was, “Show Goes On.” Riding off of the success of the single "Make It Happen", it has gone on to be a milestone in the artist’s solo career.

Once the fire was lit, it wasn’t long before he followed up with SGO2 (The Great Escape). With singles "That's What I'm Use 2" and "Rewind" , the project is proving to be a sequel that truly surpassed the original, and has almost instantly cemented Kizzo’s place among the long list of respected artists.

Soul of SevenSoul Of Seven:
Not forgetting his roots: Charles signed up for a group project with a couple of label mates to form, “Soul of Seven.” The project includes material from solo projects, as well as newly recorded material. Even though it is a way to pay homage to each other, the SO7 project is greatly appreciated by fans. Kizzo ocassionally performs with SO7, and it is quite a show. The trio, recently showed off their talents at,"Jamsource Magazine's Cosmic Showcase."


***Charles "Kizzo" Kizzee (artist, writer) - plays more of the median between Laertes smooth r&b/soul style and Christyle's street r&b/hip hop style, and also brings a pop feel to the group. ***Laertes (songwriter, vocalist) - brings the true r&b/soul 2 the group "the serenade type" Laertes projects: here I am ***Christyle Trakz (producer, singer) - brings the more street edge to the group through his productions and style. ChriStyle Trakz solo & other projects: enigma / Area 7

Kizzo followed up with a collection album entitled “K 2 tha Izzo (collection vol. 1)”. The album features remixes, collaborations and previously unreleased material which span over a period of time. It was a great way to reflect on an era, and set up the opportunity to create music on another level.

Peers comment to Kizzo “I know you’re either workin’ on somethin’ or you just finished workin on somethin’, so what you got?!”
That statement is just one testament to the focus, work ethic and ongoing creativity that is respected, appreciated and admired by many of Kizzo’s peers and fans. It’s also that type of respect, appreciation and admiration that keep Kizzo wanting to give those peers and fans what he believes they truly deserve, which is the best of Charles “Kizzo” Kizzee!

Kizzo's solo & group projects: Show Goes On /SGO2 (The Great Escape) / K 2 tha Izzo (Collection Vol. 1) / Area 7 /Soul of Seven/ C3 for booking & info contact:

phone: 318.504.0855 - Carolyn Baker

"Kizzo the Writer"


ITZ MAGAZINE > EDITOR, D J - Huntsville Texas, a entity of the Huntsville Item.
no longer in circulation. Archive not available. Copy of print in possession of artist. - Itz MAGAZINE

"Interview with JSRW"

Ms Baker and reporter sat down with Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee of Kizzotainment, on August 29, 2016. The interview session was recorded live from Feel Good Studio in Humble TX and can be viewed on official website. Here is what Kizzo had to say. - Carolyn Baker


Show Goes On -
Make it happen, Lover's Anthem, Show Goes On

SGO2(the great escape)
Rewind, Nite Iz Yung, Love Hate, That's What I'm Use 2

Radio stations playing Kizzo:  Single: Checkin On You

92.9 THE MIX HARTFORD, CT 0 7 7 7 7 7 7

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 HOT 107 JAMZ PITTSBURGH, PA 0 7 7 7 8 7 8


Show Goes On (Sgo)
88.7 FM
Xradio 247

90.5, KSHU, JANGO, IAC ...

Category: Music

* 55 (aka Mr Taylor) - "Poppin Rubberbands"

Produced by Kizzo

* Zeek & D Mo - "Never Give Up" Featuring Kizzo

and "Make it Happen Pt. 2" w/ Talent
Produced by and Featuring Kizzo


* The Boiler Room - "Flashing Lights Underground "

Performed by Kizzo


* Talent - "Real Life" w/ Tokyo Featuring Kizzo

and "U Killin' Me" w/ Billy Cook Co-Written by Kizzo

* Big Ron - "Ride With Me" Featuring Kizzo


* Congo - "I Choose U" Co-Written by Kizzo




About Kizzo:   

ntroducing the artist Charles 'KIZZO' Kizzee of Kizzotainment:

Kizzo's music falls within several genres. This includes; R&B, Pop, and Urban Soul. The mood is simply; SMOOTH, describing the newly released album titled, “Smooth It Out.'  
Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee is from Huntsville TX,  a small city near Houston.  Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee, began performing in the mid 90’s before attended the Art Institute of Houston, where; he received a degree in Music Business Management with a Concentration in Audio and Video Production. 

Kizzo has been invited as guest on concerts in: Austin, San, Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, and Houston. He has been interviewed on radio by hosts in: London, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Detroit, Houston, California and other regions.  Kizzo has had multiple guest appearances on H.O.T. TV and Talk Back w/Terri, as well as; featured story in Jamsource and ITZ Magazine and single, ' Checking On You,'  making it to the top #3 in the Bump it or Dump it segments of trend city radio.

We firmly believe that once you have listened, and reviewed his repertoire, vocal range ability, natural writing ability and ear for sound, you will agree that;  Charles ‘Kizzo’ Kizzee is a perfect fit as an opener for one the upcoming concerts scheduled at your venue; A spot in your publication, or; his music as an addition to your playlist.

Remember: Kizzo is not a beginner, nor is he just an artist.  He is the total package: Artist, Song-Writer, and Producer; who is familiar with the music business. It would be a great honor to Kizzo to be considered as a part of your event or publication.

For entertainment; A simple, but high energy track show will be provided. Kizzo is available to meet with you for a pre-show audition if necessary. 

After reviewing this site and other sources for Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee's music, contact his Publicist; 
(Ms Ssugah Chaney) on: (281)873.2377 or (832)679.6040 

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Kizzo has taken the best from a few of his favorites in the industry, and developed a style, which has come to be known as; 'KIZZOTAINMENT.
  His influesnces are :Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmond, New Edition, and more.
Urban R&B / Contemporary / Pop / Dance

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