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"KIZZY Selected at POP MONTREAL 2007"

Kizzy is tough. She is a new hardcore rapper raised in the streets of Montreal. She wants to make it big and have Christal and diamonds and sell lots of records. She's making a name for herself in the scene y'allz. No doubt!


Kizzy est forte.Elle est la nouvelle rappeuse hardcore dont on chante les louanges dans les rues de Montréal.Elle a travaillé avec des producteurs de Muzion et lance son premier album bientot.Le rap à qui?Le rap à quoi?Le rap à Kizzy.




-Yeah,you definitely spitting some S--t...
-You hotter than a lot of rapper dudes I know...That's good!
-Yeah,I could say,you sing with confidence,your hot!!!
-Yeah,you damn need to just press your CD and get it out for real,cause once people hear that s--t,you gotta mess with me,unless Im crazy,I don't know... - 1st ANNUAL URBAN MUSIC CONFERENCE -MONTREAL CITY- JANUARY 12, 2008

"KIZZY the Lyrical Mistress"

Montreal's Kizzy a.k.a Don Diva throws lyrical jabs left and right proving she is a solid contender in a male dominated hip hop game. Uncensored portrayals of a controversial lifestyle and up beat tracks like "Spinning" and "Fast Lane" disclose the dog eat dog mentality of the hood she pays tribute to. In the mellow sounding "Boyz", the bold rapstress reveals explicit details on past relationships, not once shying away from reasserting her sexual standards, in lines like "If you want me to stay, than last long". Overall, Kizzy's militant flow and audacity to tell all sets her apart from the norm and deems her worthy of attention. - Feven G.


ARCHIVES: Sept 20 - Sept 26.2007 Vol. 23 No. 14

Tonight, Thursday, Sept. 20, at 6 p.m., the Festival International du Film Haïtien is set to screen the film Kidnappings, starring Herman “Caheej” McGloun, Alexandra Deetjen, Reynald Julien and rapper Mecca aka Grimo at Cinema ONF (1564 St-Denis). The film explores the deportation of main character Mario back to his native Haiti, and the desperate world of kidnapping that he’s introduced to by an old friend willing to embrace the underworld in search of socioeconomic stability. Grimo, who is cousin to Wyclef Jean and the latest addition to Jean’s Sak Pasé Records, will also be in Montreal performing at the Havana Café (6562 St-Laurent) on Saturday, when they present a night of poetry and hip hop. He’ll be joined by female MC Kizzy as well. You can check out for more info on the entire festival, or for more about the artist.

- MONTREAL MIRROR - The Incubator by SCOTT C

"The weekend goods..."

Also on Friday night over at O Patro Vys, Winnipeg’s Grand Analog touch down for the night. With a sound described as rap ’n’ roll, dub and soul, they’ll share the stage with local MC and microphone firecracker Kizzy.

ARCHIVES: Feb 21 - Feb 27.2008 Vol. 23 No. 35 - MONTREAL MIRROR - The Incubator by SCOTT C

"Canadian Music Week 2008: Kizzy"

Posted: March 05, 2008, 11:20 PM by Mark Medley
Canadian Music Week
The Ampersand wanted to introduce readers to the artists playing this year's Canadian Music Week. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find time to interview 300-plus bands. So, we sent out a short questionnaire to everyone so they can speak for themselves.

Meet Montreal rapper Kizzy.

What was the first album you ever bought and do you still listen to it?

The first album I ever bought was FUNKDAFIED by THE BRAT,I used to bumped that record everyday,now I switch styles everytime the wind blows which means I listen to any genre of music,but that album is still in my room,can't listen to it because my last tape deck broke down.

What is your best/worst/wackiest story from your time on tour?

The best story was I was once offered roses after my show...I got to admit, it caught me off guard...The worst and the wackiest story was this one time I was going to perform and right when I got on stage...BLACKOUT! No electricity, I couldn't do my show!

Do you get more groupies than Nickelback? Why or why not?

I probably don't have groupies like Nickelback, but the fans I got are diehards and I'm very grateful.

Who are your musical influences?

I was influenced mostly by the east coast,that's where HipHop started in the bronx,NYC.I can name a whole lot of Mc's from the east coast but I got to give my respect to the Notorious B.I.G.

CMW will be successful if we....

CMW will be successful if we reach the 30th year ...CMW is already proof of variety, longevity and every year this music experience is a learning process.

• Kizzy plays the Annex WreckRoom on March 6 at 10:15 p.m. - NATIONAL POST - The Ampersand BY MARK MEDLEY

"Canadian Music Week 2008 Blog Indie Awards (yawn); one last show for the road"

Sunday, March 9, 2008 | 06:24 PM ET
Every March, the city of Toronto hosts Canadian Music Week, a convention-slash-festival that brings together bands and industry folk. This year’s event runs March 5-8 and features keynote addresses by Alanis Morissette, Moby and rappers KRS-One and RZA, as well as over 500 musical acts spread out over 40 venues. Music columnist Sarah Liss is blogging from CMW, checking out panel discussions, mingling with movers and shakers and seeing as many live shows as is humanly possible.

(Timothy Neesam/CBC)

In past years, Canadian Music Week’s Indie Awards gala has taken place at the Sound Academy (the massive entertainment complex formerly known as the Docks) in a Wednesday-night ceremony meant to formally launch the fest. This year, for some reason I’m still not clear on, the Indies relocated to CMW HQ at the Royal York Hotel, and the epic back-patting display closed out the fest. In theory, postponing the awards show component makes sense; the celebratory tone is like a sigh of relief after the exhausting multi-night club crawl, and the sense of anticipation can encourage more attendees to check out the nominated artists’ showcases.

In practice, however, the 2008 Indies felt weird. Because they take place in an out-of-the-way locale, programming the bash on the Wednesday evening -- when few (if any) other CMW events are scheduled -- gives actual music lovers incentive to check out the performances. The combination of awkward speeches, ear-bleedingly loud and cheesy DJ sets and being forced to shuffle uncomfortably beside strangers in a stuffy hotel ballroom felt like attending the wedding of a distant relative I didn’t like all that much, but whose nuptials I felt obligated to attend. Make that a wedding sponsored by a sickeningly sweet energy drink that was being handed out for free at kiosks in the main room.

The awards themselves – or rather, the lucky Indie recipients – kind of defied logic. I’m not entirely sure who votes on the Indies, but while there were a few obvious winners (Feist! Feist! Feist!), I’m baffled by how blonde-and-toothy Suzie McNeil beat out worthy contenders (eclectic indie rockers Miracle Fortress and Young Galaxy, as well as hugely popular emo heartthrobs Faber Drive) for Favourite Pop Artist. And what stars aligned in the Generic Rock Universe to result in alt-rock band State of Shock walking away with Favourite Single honours over Arcade Fire, David Usher, Feist and Major Maker? The latter two still got enough exposure to battle it out for top spot votes. Send your Indies-related conspiracy theories my way, please.

The performances made the Indies at least nominally worthwhile. While Ron Hawkins, grumpy frontman for Indies Hall of Fame inductees Lowest of the Low, seemed rather disingenuous, guitarist Stephen Stanley’s gritty solos guided the Toronto alt-rock stalwarts through a nostalgic set. (I’m not ashamed to admit that I used to play the angsty LOTL hit Rosy and Grey while drinking booze pilfered from my parents’ liquor cabinet in high school.) Montreal indie aces the Besnard Lakes, on the other hand, handled their set as though they were headlining the most important show of their lives. Their anthemic space-rock sounded sensational, though they could’ve used a smoke machine or five.

When the rock-in-a-hotel vibe started weirding me out too much, I escaped to catch the last few acts on the Pop Montreal bill over at the Drake Hotel. Waterloo’s electro dance-rock squad Bocce didn’t floor me. My plus-one guest suggested that they possess a nerdy white-guy camaraderie reminiscent of Judd Apatow movies; the band certainly had all the gawky fellas in the house busting moves and holding each other in brotherly embraces (“I love you, man!”).

Entertainer Josh “Socalled” Dolgin was the perfect coda to my CMW experience. I’ve seen the Montrealer perform half a dozen times now, but I’m still not tired of his creative fusion of old-school hip hop, Yiddish folk song, goofy accordion and hardcore beats. The man is a marvel, especially when he shares the spotlight with talented peers like rising rap threat Kizzy and laid-back MC-slash-singer Giselle No. 1. The latter two added enough heat to Dolgin’s midnight set to convince even the bleary-eyed CMW burnouts in the house to get up and dance. - CBCNEWS - Arts & Entertainment - By SARAH LISS

"Behind the scenes at CMW"

BY Sarah Liss March 12, 2008 15:03

Once again, the cold-weather CanRock craze that is Canadian Music Week has come to a close. In lieu of devoting this week’s Street Spirit column to a proper CMW roundup (you’ll find complete coverage on, I’m compiling the most pressing queries I just can’t seem to (with apologies to Kylie Minogue) get out of my head. If there are any godlike figures out there who can provide answers, please feel free.

Why has no label signed Gentleman Reg? The cherubic, falsetto-happy singer/songwriter who once called Three Gut Records home is currently shopping around a completed indie-rock album. Not only are what I’ve heard of the songs better than anything else he’s written, but the disc features cameos by au courant artists like Liz Powell (Land of Talk) and Katie Sketch (ex-Organ). Reg’s last album Darby & Joan was good, but this one’s great. Someone needs to scoop him up, stat. The guy’s even got some dancefloor collabos with Woodhands in the can.

What happened to Maie Pauts? Back when I was knee-high to a grasshopper and harboured an addiction to CFNY, I used to love listening to on-air personality Maie Pauts’ smart, no-BS commentary and pointed interviews. Watching her grill a nervous-looking, post-breakup Alanis Morissette as part of CMW’s conference component, I was appalled by the ickily condescending softballs the once-edgy Pauts lobbed at her celeb subject. What gives?

How long will it take before Winnipeg’s The Details wind up on the soundtrack of a second-rate Canadian drama? The Details: like an even more earnest, even more wordy version of Death Cab for Cutie. CTV’s Whistler: like The OC, but with uglier outfits and way more boring characters. Music supervisors: thank me later.

Why did CMW relocate the big ol’ Indie Awards gala to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel? In addition to changing the location of the Indies from the irritating-but-at-least-concert-friendly Docks to the totally awkward digs of a hotel ballroom — it felt like a spoiled kid’s bar mitzvah — organizers rescheduled the ceremony. Instead of launching CMW — the traditional role of the Indies — the awards show capped off the week in a way that felt forced, weird and totally at odds with the tone of the rest of the fest.

Other highlights of my CMW experience: hearing a hungover Moby spill the dirt on barbecuing with next-door neighbour David Bowie and playing Ian Curtis to the surviving members of New Order; Woodhands at The Drake; the three-way throwdown between SoCalled, Giselle Numba One and Kizzy; and reaffirming my theory that there is more than one Jian Ghomeshi, after spotting the guy at least seven times.

Email us at: LETTERS@EYEWEEKLY.COM or send your questions to EYEWEEKLY.COM
625 Church St, 6th Floor, Toronto M4Y 2G1 - EYEWEEKLY.COM Street Spirit by Sarah Liss


Mixtape Vol I--ON FIRE
Released in 2006
Label:Lakay Records

Released in 2004
Label:Lakay Records



Kizzy is one of a new breed of tough, talented, commercially viable female emcee to hit the rap scene. She made her name as a rough, profane rhyme spitter whose hardcore attitude and lyrical skills were never in doubt. Using her music as a vehicle to represent her life, she flips her flow back and forth, fast and slow, punchy and smooth, effortlessly riding the beat.

Kizzy was born K. Jean Louis in Haiti in 1986, and started rapping at the age of 10.Raised in “Beantown” Boston, her family landed in Canada when she was 12 years old. Representing Montreal “Real City”, Canada, she had the opportunity to collaborate with well known local artists such as Imposs (Muzion), Gundei, Marokia…etc.

First mixtape dropped in 2004, THE GENESIS was a nice debut for a young female emcee and she used her music to anchor her to different venues, honing her performance skills. Her second street release, ON FIRE, marked the beginning of a strong buzz, winning her local support and the respect of her city. As for the title ON FIRE she explains,” Every rapper is a star, but they won’t shine in my presence ‘cause I’m the sun.”

Currently Kizzy along with her team of talented producers (Martians Family) are putting finishing touches on the next album set to release for the spring of 2009.