Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Internationally known, Kj celebrates each second with thought-provoking lyrics -- causing audiences to laugh, feel alive & more all within one set! Songs of life choices, characters, road trips & moving forward broadcasted in compelling tunes performed in each set--Workshops/ family concerts too! Kj also is often chosen as an upbeat and energetic motivational speaker at conferences and educational trainings...combining targeted songs with theme-driven messages.


Kj celebrates life on any stage, bringing enthusiastic audiences with her...whether it be an adult festival or family show. Each is personal, unique and memorable...with stories to accompany the writing of her songs and fascinating life on the road . Each concert feels like one-on-one every time...and leaves the audience breathing new life into their own passage. Invigorating! Influenced by Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell, Nanci Griffith, John Denver, James Taylor and more! Kj continues to share positive pieces to life's ever-changing quilt!


Home In Scotland

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

Walking here from the station with the moon up above, I arrived here in town last night. And as I stood in the doorway, and heard each voice ring, I knew my decision was right...
Cause I'm home, yes I'm home, in Scotland here I'm home. In this Real Music Bar you can follow your star. In Scotland, here I'm home....

You can travel the world to find who you are...when it's sometimes right there in your soul...it's hidden by "hurry" by "life on the move" but you never feel full 'til you're whole... Yes, I'm home, oh I'm home...It Scotland, here I'm home. In this Real Music Bar, you can follow your heart. In Scotland, here I'm home...

(First verse, chorus and bridge provided here. Written for Dougie MacLean as a thank you for the opportunity to play at his world-renowned club in Dunkeld, Scotland)

Carrie's Quilt

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

See the patches hanging there, messages on every square. Celebrating those who are...and remembering the other stars. Carrie's quilt is stitched with love and Carrie's quilt hangs up above. Threads of stories never end...cuz Carrie's quilt is stitched by friends.

Carrie's quilt began with "C." Cancer strikes in you and me. A breast removed, a lifetime changed...and future plans rearranged.

CHORUS... Carrie's quilt is stitched with love....

The fabric shows a woman's face hidden by her hands of grace. Another dances in delight. She beat the odds she's won her fight.


(Portion of song posted above. Song written as a "spokesong" for the American Cancer Society - based on the Carrie Smith-Belleson National Quilt Project.)

My Guitar

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

My guitar came to my world at Christmas time one year. It was a gift for three of us, but I so kept it near. I was twelve when it wrote me my first song and others came along the way. My guitar came to my world, and my life changed that day.

My guitar was all I had when sorrow took its toll. We'd travel to the river where we'd rest our weary souls. It taught me my world would be different. It taught me that we could be the same. My guitar was all I had and there....I found my name...

My guitar is home to me wherever life may go. It's been the kind of friend to me that others seldom know. And it sings of roads we have traveled and longs for miles of birth. My guitar is home to me 'til my last days on this earth, til my last days on this earth.

(portion of song above - song often covered by other musicians in US and UK.)

High School Blues

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

Get up at six, hop in the shower. Turn it on HOT, I need a little power cuz school will soon be in! Grab a little toast, grape from the juicer. Brush those teeth, make my jeans a little looser cuz school will soon be in.

High School Blues - there's too much to read, High School Blues - they say it's what ya need. High School Blues - there's too much write, wonder if I'll get out tonight. High School Blues - there's too many tests, High School Blues - What will be next? High School Blues - there's too many days left. I can't wait to stop those High School Blues!

(Portion of song used at several High Schools after morning announcements. Surprising positive ending of song, encouraging college after High School.)

Ya Gotta Believe

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

Ya gotta believe, the choice can be yours...to close up in anger or open the doors. A good life is out there and dreams really soar, Ya Gotta Believe.

Ya gotta believe that love is your friend. Kindness and gentleness win in the end. And black and white issues can really bend, Ya Gotta Believe.

Ya Gotta Believe (ya gotta believe)
Ya Gotta Believe (ya gotta believe)
Have faith and let postiives breathe
Ya Gotta Believe


Ya gotta believe, that's what Tug McGraw said. In baseball, or life, an attitude spreads. So why not believe then that all coins are heads and choose to let positives breed. Ya Gotta Believe!

(Portion of song above. Dedicated to Tug McGraw, during his lifetime - good friend.) Featured at many motivational speaking conferences.

New Lovers' Waltz

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

When did it happen, feet started tappin
When did the love waltz unfold?
It went in hooking, while neither was looking. New love just captured their souls. She said it was "frightening" and he said "Enlightening." Feeling that uncertain pain. Knowing their new ways meant ending old days and starting all over again.

He'll sing her a tune and dance her around the room. He's whisper so tender "This time's forever" while dancing the New Lovers' Waltz.

(portion of song above) - Often sung at weddings and anniversaries by many musicians throughout the years.

I'm a Little Mushroom

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

I'm a little mushroom growin' in the dark. I've got a cap, I've got a stalk. And in between I'm gills and spores. Just hold on tight, I'll tell ya more.

I'm a little mushroom, I like shade. I don't like the sun. I hide from rain. But I like warm humidity. It's then I grow up free.

There are three main phases in my life. Composting's my first advice! Manure smells but sure is great. Mixed with straw, there's a process date.

CHORUS...I'm a little mushroom, I like shade....

Lastly we're all picked by hand. Processed, sent across this land. We're proud to be fresh and new. We're thrilled that we go home with you!

(portion of song above....often performed at Agricultural conferences and at Education conferences.)

Trees, Trees

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

Trees, Trees
What do ya think of trees?
Plant them and they give us oxygen to breathe!
Trees, trees
What do ya think of trees?
Go out and get a shovel and plant some trees....PLEASE!

When I was just a girl, I stayed there all the time, nestled in as quiet as could be. The leaves would make it cool beneath the setting sun. I knew it was a special place to be.

CHORUS...Trees, Trees....

You can make a great canoe, build a ladder high, create a pretty house that you can live in. You can make a rocking chair for Granddad when he's old. All of this is from the wood the tree's been!


(portion of song above...often featured at Education conferences, Environment conferences and more!)

Who You Are

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

Sunday morning rain, lyin' here alone
Wonder what you're doin as I dial the telephone. I know you're busy workin' so I call a friend I knew. And she listens while I tell her what I'd rather share with you.

That's who you are, that's what I do
But this waiting while you come back makes me drift away from you.
That's who you are, that's what I do.
I work so hard to try to understand, that's who you are. So that's what I do...

The week night comes around, you wanna take me out. But it's my turn to be running to go off to work myself. Our lives. once filled with romance, have drifted course once more...to one who's comin in while the other's out the door!

But that's who are...this is who I am. In this busy world we live can we ever meet again? That's who you are, this is who I am....we both have dreams inside us so we try to understand...but that's who you are and that's who I am...yes that's who you are...and this is who I am.

(portion of the song above.)

The Tractor Hums ( A Lover's Melody)

Written By: KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner (known as KJ)

She was a young girl when she met him at the Grange. From a distance, she caught him just by chance. Her blond hair, it was tied back in braids as she stood there in hopes that they would dance. He was a shy one, couldn't look her in the eye as he stuttered with every word he'd say. He tried to look at her and she caught him by surprise! They look back and recall that special day.

Well, I've never felt closer to you than when we're working in the fields. With heart and soul...I'll be with you when we're old. As the tractor hums that lovers' melody...oh the tractor hums that lovely melody.

(portion of song featurec above.... a hit at county fairs, agriculture conventions and folk festivals.)


KJ's CDS include:
Oliver's Quiet (with Sweetwater Reunion band) and other adult CDs..."PonyTALES," "Dreaming Inside Her Mind," and "Proud to be a Farmer." Family CDs include "Simply Kids!", Agriculture is a BIG word," and "Farms, Food & Fun!" Many tunes from a variety of these CDs have had airplay throughout the US and UK.

Set List

A typical set for KJ is 55-60 minutes. Songs may include:
Outbound Plane (cover)
I Wish It Were Me (KJ)
Ponytails (KJ)
Home In Scotland (KJ)
Dream/I will Medley (covers)
Rollerbladin' Maiden (KJ)
Had a Dream (cover)
Dalguise Road (KJ),
Moon & St. Christopher (cover)
Birthdays Come, Daisies Go (KJ)
Angel from Montgomery (cover)
Angels of Mineral Springs (cover)
Downwinders (KJ)
My Guitar (KJ)