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Straight energy and listening enjoyment that you can groove to. Jakk Swiss is the epitome of the ultimate performer. He reels the crowd in with Charisma and Charm and keeps fans ignited all night long. Fans of Jakk Swiss have always wanted to come back for more. "His music is inspiring" -W.Garne



Kyle Buaas aka “Jakk Swiss” is from a hidden utopia located in the heart of Texas - Austin. A city so dense with liberal politics, that he often refers to it as the hippy man land. He contends that so much weed was being smoked at one time in Austin that there is now a traceable amount of THC in the city’s air. “Swiss” put it best by saying that city’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird” for its diversity a city couldn’t have a better catch phrase. Capitol city, ATX, 512, whatever you wanna to call it, Austin Texas, is what he plans to rep til da death!!!

Jakk Swiss has been rapping for 12 years. His first step foot in a real studio in the Fall 2002, his Junior year in high school. There he recorded a number of now lost tracks with Phranchyze and N.I.P. The title of the first track was “Horrible” and it debut in the top 100 on mp3.com. It was also posted on the Insane clown posse’s main webpage. In his Senior year in high school, he brought Guerilla Maab down to Victory Grill in October 2003. Since then he’s kept busy with numerous projects such as Shadowshyne ATX-Men, Flowmasters, Gamebred-Last Days of Mercy, Swisstape vol. 1 and more...

On his very popular “Swisssman” mixtape and on his upcoming album, “Tri-Polar”, Kyle has featured many local artists such as Phranchyze, Lord Ronin, Stehanie Salvo, Polar Bear, Rzo, Geeweezy and many more. He is also working on a major project with his group “The Kind Budz”, which spotlights Rasheed, from Dope House/Deep Entertainment Records, and Devin the Dude entitled “Keep Austin Green”

What separates Kyle from an every day MC is the fact that he speaks of prophecy and truth. The purpose of his rapping is to educate and inform the masses about what’s to come. In order to attain the attention of the people, he feels entertainment needs to be incorporated within the music. He has his hands in many different projects all with completely different sounds. He believes that his diverse talent has separated him into three different personalities. That is why his first solo album is entitled “Tri-Polar”. His three different personas are Jakk Swiss, Jakk Jonez and K-Jakk, Each of these individual characters brings a different element to the table which help keeps his options open for future projects. This means he will not be backed in a corner stuck producing one sound, instead he works on many different styles.

His album, Tri-Polar, is his bread and butter, the cash crop, the bees knees. This is his heart and soul. He likes to think outside of the box when it comes to shit and feels that life as we know it is completely misinterpreted which makes us all live for the wrong reasons. His music expresses his political and religious views while also bringing in some braggadocio type swagger simply because no matter what hip hop does and with what is being said, he stays fly and makes sure you know it. Lastly Kyle brings tenderness to his music for the love he has felt in his life. Basically his albums have something for everybody, guaranteed.

Be on the look out for Jakk Swiss solo project entitled “Tri-Polar”, and his group project with The Kind Budz, “Keep Austin Green”

You can purchase the mixtape swissman now at www.krazykatrecords.com in the online store.


The Swiss Tape - Mix CD
Tri-Polar :: Release Date 3/17/2010

Set List

Set list:
Religious Satanica
Mask of the red death
Ode to Mary
Im So High
Roll it up
What u sittin on
Fuck the club