K jazz factory

K jazz factory


'K jazz factory' is a Korean jazz band. We played Korean traditional music, Korean animation music, and jazz standards music as jazz style. We went to let the world know the Korean melody. We are busking band, so we have all the equipment to play and we can play anywhere.


2010. organized from Korean largest jazz community, named by 'Jazz mania'
2011 - now. Played at various festival, club, street, wedding, event, etc.
2013. Official approved by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (Korean national organization) as a busking band.
Official approved by Yongin Foundation for Arts and Culture (Korean national organization) as a jazz band.
Our youtube channed is http://www.youtube.com/user/sdssoft


2012.4.1. 1st album 'preview' (Digital record)
2012.7.1. 2nd album 'latin jazz ex.' (Digital record)
2012.11.1 3rd album 'jazz for wedding' (Digital record)
2012.12.1 4th album 'jazz for children' (Digital record)

All albums are in selling at all Korean music streaming site.

Set List

We need 1 drum, 1 bass guitar amplifier, 1 guitar amplifier, 1 keyboard amplifier, 1 mic