Kj Hair

Kj Hair


I'm a songwriting composer whose only focus has been how to write music that works. After years of trying to hone that skill, I figure I'm as ready as I'll ever be to present my work. My entry (Love's come to town) in the 2008 ISC song competition is the start of that process. So wish me luck folks.


I'm into most forms of music, but I prefer to write for a specific artist, commissioned writing to hi-light their talent, that's me. I can be alternative or keep inside the genre. I like original aspects that sound simple, natural and accessible. I'm in it for the musicality and message. Commercial writing is my goal, So Joe public is my target.


Love's come to town©

Written By: Kelvin John Hair

We're just a bunch of loose ends,
seeking comfort at the bar.
we're here to fight the loneliness,
of never finding love.
and of all those gorgeous girls we've seen, not one of us has found our dream.

well my friends this rounds on me, cause I've got a date you see. Love's come to town, and I may not be around, so. If a stranger's on my arm, give me room to use my charm. Love's come to town and I'm gonna take her out.

I've been waiting for so long, for my dream to come along. But now she's there for me, hey folks don't fret for me.
well my friends the time has come, wish me luck but no more rum.
Love's come to town, and I'm gonna take her out.


You may be thinking that you're just not lucky, well I believe your odds are rising ev'ry day. Seems to me that all your basses are loaded, and a home run's coming your way.

There's a dream out there for you and it'll hit you from the blue.
But you can't force it to, RELAX and it will come to you.

Well my friends the time has come, wish me luck I've got to run.
Love's come to town, and I'm gonna take her out.
I may not be around, because Love, has come, to, town.........
Love has come to town.