It can’t be wrong, when all feels right, now let the Neon Lights Carve Shadows into the night...


Already in their 10th year and after a seemingly quiet, but on the inside busy and challenging time, Germany Post-Rockers Kju: are back and announce the release of their 4th album.
The upcoming record is called "Neon Lights Carve Shadows" and evolves around one night and its episodes. Mostly taking place in a big city, sometimes taking place anywhere else. With lots of things that have been felt, thought, said and heard, and others that haven’t yet. A sequential whole with a lot of passion for all the details and the small things in between. "Neon Lights Carve Shadows" was done with a true DIY attidute: the album was produced, engi- neered and mixed by long time friend Alex Sickel and the band itself. Recor- dings took place in Hannover and Hamburg. Only when it came to mastering, a little help from overseas finally made the record sound as today, Troy Glessner at Spectre, Seattle, was responsible for the final bit of work.
Before starting off with working on "Neon Lights Carve Shadows", two new members jumped aboard. With Dom, a regular second guitar player and singer, first time in the band’s history, and with Baake a close friend from old times on bass – making the band sound more compact and straight forward then ever and bringing even more tightness and power to its appearance. With that on the side it is not at all detrimental that Kju: have spread throughout the country from Hamburg over Hannover to Berlin. Rehearsals take place in the old home- town, live shows again will take place all over Europe.
Now that the work on the record has come to an end there will be enough time for Kju: to display their live presence, gained during more than 150 Shows in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and of course in Germany – the release of "Neon Lights Carve Shadows" is scheduled for late may 2010 and will see the band back on the road soon after.
As label partner Swell Creek Records will be in charge again, already having been responsible for Kju:’s first and second release. A constellation that is very much appreciated by the band as it fits perfectly well to the actual situation. Based on that setup Kju: can concentrate on what they do best: giving honest, highly emotionional and unpretentious live performances. See and convince yourself: "It can’t be wrong, when all feels right...“


2010 - Neon Lights Carve Shadows (Swell Creek Records/Soulfood)

2007 - Setting Sun (Treasure Tapes/Übersee Records/AL!VE)

2003 - The Pieces Fit (Swell Creek Records/Soulfood)

2002 - Draw Lines On (Swell Creek Records/Soulfood)