Kevin Zugschwert

Kevin Zugschwert

 Centennial, Colorado, USA

Guitar focused instrumental metal.


Kevin Joseph Zugschwert, was born in Westminster, Colorado, on February 26, 1977. The youngest child in a household that included his mother Ann, father Ron, and brother Brian. Kevin had interest in music at an early age. He started taking private piano lessons at a local music school and progressed very quickly performing at recitals and churches.

After the release of Van Halens ‘1984’ album he became increasingly interested in synthesizers and rock guitar styles. Seven year old Kevin watched in amazement as Eddie Van Halen went from synthesizer wizardry to legendary guitar techniques. The day Eddie Van Halen played on MTV, the guitar-playing Kevin emerged.

Applying genuine desire and motivation to first an old Gibson Les Paul replica and then a Fender Stratocaster replica, Kevin obsessed over the music of such artists as Ozzy Osbourne and spent long hours practicing to learn their songs. His admiration for Randy Rhoads, and later Zach Wylde left him with a constant thirst for knowledge and the art of music performance. By age 12, he began to spend most of his time studying and composing music. At this time, Kevin composed his first piece for piano and guitar which he was invited to perform at a large wedding ceremony. Soon after, he began studying with Neil Haverstick, popular for his microtonal guitar innovations. His mother and father became aware of his musical talent and gave him encouragement. Kevin later received as a gift from his mother, a custom made Jackson King V. His playing began to progress rapidly.

In his mid teens, Kevin’s older brother, Brian, brought home a collection of audio tapes, notably Yngwie Malmsteen, and Dokken with George Lynch. The outcome was enlightening and Kevin realized the potential of combining the precision of speed metal with the soaring melodies of arena rock. Neil introduced Kevin to a local musician named Todd Keehn, who among many accomplishments took first place in a Colorado guitar competition during the late 80’s. Under Todd’s wing, Kevin began to delve deeper into the intricate details of guitar construction, tunings, creative exploration, and computer based digital recording.

Around this time, Kevin began playing in a band built around a group of guys nearly twice his age who were enthralled with his ability to play none other than Eddie Van Halens ‘Eruption’. After playing as Doctor Cherry at several unsuccessful battle of the bands type venues the group fell apart.

By age 18, Kevin and two remaining members of Doctor Cherry rejoined and formed Isolation. Once again unsuccessful gigs led to the eventual breakup. Soon after, Kevin turned to the idea of recording a demo in order to gain exposure. With brother Brian on drums, he recorded a three song demo and used it to recruit for a new group to continue under the Isolation name.

While still with Isolation, it became clear that to fully develop as a professional guitarist, Kevin would have to go solo. Kevin’s first instrumental solo album, Over The Limit received excellent reviews, and sold well on the local level. Recruiting Eric Lockwood on bass and drummer Rob Higdon, who was soon replaced once again by Kevin’s brother Brian, the trio played several shows and enjoyed a loyal following. Kevin’s second album, Subject To Change (also instrumental), did just as well, with great reviews and good sales locally.

After taking some time off, Kevin is currently working on his third record to date and should be releasing it toward the end of the year (2009).