Chicago, Illinois, USA

F.H.O.D hit you with the power of a freight train. Fronted by female artist, KK, it won't take you long to realize that F.H.O.D is not your typical chick fronted band. Heavy, hard hitting songs, littered with progressive hooks, grooves and catchy melodies. Take a listen and enjoy the experience.


Combining the musical styles of alternative, hard rock, classical, progressive, and heavy metal, F.H.O.D. has become a band with a sound for everyone. From hypnotic drum rhythms in the vein of Tool and Rush to old school metal bass lines reminiscent of Iron Maiden and Sabbath, F.H.O.D. borrows from the old classic rock and combines current trends and modern hooks to create a sound uniquely their own. Together with dynamic guitar roar and powerful, emotionally charged vocals, this Chicago band is receiving great reviews as a live band with a huge sound and endless musical potential.

Their newest 2008 release "My Great Escape" has been noted as “snarling, chest-pumping, knock-you-on-the-ground heavy-metal” (Dustin Shoof, Express-Times), “material and a level of songwriting and production that makes it hard to believe this is not a "signed" band (Shelly Harris, KNAC.com “The Hunt”), and “an album worth throwing into your music library.” (Bernie Gay, freelance music critic). It is available on iTunes, Amazone, CD Baby, Fandoodle.com, Zoomoozik.com, femmemetalstore.com and many other
digital download sites. “My Great Escape” can be described as somewhat of a dark hypnotic journey, that is sometimes treacherous, but filled with hope. There’s an emotional element to each of these songs that the listener will connect with, and make them their own. From the epic song of survival in “Against the Odds,” to more melodic sounding “In My Shell,” to the upbeat tempos of “False Prophet” and “Kings and Queens,” this album clearly does not leave any stone unturned. Story- telling with a modern sound, an old school feel, skilled musicianship, and credible songwriting abilities, My Great Escape will be an album of which people will take notice.

F.H.O.D. just released their new music video “Unashamed” in August 2009 and was selected as featured band on Chicago’s Windy City Records “Radio One 2009 Compilation” CD. KK was Chicagosrock.com featured July 2009 Rocker Girl. and Dimitri Kontos was Chicagosrock.com featured musician in Dec. 2009. F.H.O.D. was selected as a “featured band to watch” in No Cover Magazine’s March 2007 edition, along with “Unashamed” being selected to appear on No Cover’s Groupies Suck #10 Compilation available at all Barnes and Nobles stores. IN 2007, F.H.O.D. also signed a music licensing agreement with MTV/VH1. F.H.O.D. won Rock 105.5 Public Exposure Battle of the Bands to perform at 2007 Summer To Ride Festival in Terre Haute, IN. They also appeared as featured artists in ChicagosRock.com Magazine, Intense Ink Magazine and Rock Scarz magazine and compilation CD and many other music publications throughout the years.

The current lineup consists of KK(vocals), Tom Howell(guitars), Jason Stiltner (drums/percussion), and Dimitri Kontos(bass guitar).

Some other notable past/future performances achievements include: DAME NATION (Chicago), MECA Midwest Music Conference (Chicago), 100.7 Mix FM's Dr. Dashboard/Summer Kick Off Concert (Indiana), MOBFest (Chicago), Rock'N' Ride Music Festival at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Six Flags Gurnee, Illinois State Fair Stage X (Springfield), IMC2004 (Philadelphia), Chicks on the Road (Chicago, Milwaukee), Emergenza Music Fest (Chicago), XMG International Label Showcase (Chicago), DiMBY Mardi Crawl (St. Louis), Rock 105.5 Summer to Ride Festival (Terre Haute, IN), Xtreme Midwest (Woodstock, IL), Summerstock 2008 (Colorado Springs) Girls of Metal (Chicago) Take Back the Night Violence Against Women Benefits (Chicago)and opening for the following national acts: Doro Pesch, Warrant, Sponge, Flaw, Dominica, Cage, Enuff Z'Nuff, Jackyl and Chubby Checker.


You Can Only Tell (From the Accident)

Written By: Ladd

Is it at the point of just becoming senseless?
Does the screaming still fall upon deafened ears?
Do the choices you passed lie in dusty corners
Hidden beneath the webs of all these years?
You won't know just how far you've gone til it's left behind you
So you keep looking over your shoulder

You can only tell from the accident
how badly you're steering
you will only find just how deep you're in
by how high you're climbing

All the sacrifices that they'll never know
All the pain disguised behind fictitious smiles
Will you look back and find nothing except regret?
Dead end marker on the 42nd mile?
You won't know if the victory is sweet or bitter
So you try and you cry until you die

You can only tell from the accident
how badly you're steering
You will only find just how deep you're in
by how high you're climbing
You will only know just scared you've been
by how fast your breathing (by how much your shaking)
You can only hope when it hits the end
you'll find it was worth everything

When it's all said and done
will you walk away unharmed?

False Prophet

Written By: Ladd

Got stars in your eyes
I’m swallowing flies again
From the shit come from your mouth

You’ll never know why
We’ll never see eye to eye
And the years go by

You cast me out
But I rise, a new sun

You’re the one I left in my shadow
Standing along in your solo
Ridding myself of your sick self righteous way

Call in for your reinforcements
Sheep will blindly follow their prophet’s way

You’re skinning my bones
Hell, get off your throne
And come tell me what’s the truth

My interrogation
The friend that you shun
Had once defended you

I’m forsaken
But in my silence you’ll hear…

That you’re the one I left in my shadow

Waiting to Change

Written By: Ladd

time thaws out the winter
like sweeping hands of the sundial
i played in its springtime
a nubile golden hair child

i was amazed
how the calm escaped the storm
give me this day for
I cannot wait any longer
than 24 hours, 1440 restless minutes

I must sustain
seasons will slumber
then come to amaze
wake open thy beauty sleep

time scatters the dirt
exhuming the smell of decay
youth gives us new breath
push out the old and the grey

I felt its virulence
valiantly changing to gold
I'm risking it all
for I cannot wait any longer...

sand shifting sand
intravenously drip through the glass
I take your hand
let us brace for this beautiful experience
this ascension
this complete and utter transformation
let us take leave of this and head into the light
we take flight
i am waiting, anticipating,
it's barricading the progress of this-
my persistence-
godforsaken resistance

24 hours….


Written By: Ladd

A rose upon my lips
I dance upon the chain
the calm before the bomb
waits for the trigger

my sin, it covered me in rust
it took away my trust
the lust that must of left us
digging deeper

i reach for your hand from the sea of Aegean
blinding my way, judgment had strayed
searing the wings, hear the fallen angel

i'm going in unashamed
i cannot feel my legs again
there must be pleasure from this pain
his hell would be my heaven

i rose above the thorns
i rose above the fire
the stones they've thrown me only bruised the surface
my guilt, inflicted by the mass
it kicked me in the ass
the proof that suit them
defamed my innocence

this fortune's gate
lies openly
I take the bait
that's set for me
i hesitate, i'm going in unashamed
the sad or joy it brings
i face it with courage
i face it with fear
i face it fists rising up in the air


F.H.O.D. JUST RELEASED 2008 "My Great Escape"
available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Fandoodle.com, Zoomoozik.com and other digital download sites

"Defenders of Rock" released 2005

KK's Prior CD Release "Walls" is in US distribution
KK's first release "All the Pieces" Hit #32 on the Radio and Records Charts late in 2003
KK's second release "Lose My Cool" Hit #40 on the Radio and Records Charts in June 2004.

Set List

These Scars, I Surrender, Can't Stop the Spin, Freefall, Peacemaker, Unashamed, Waiting to Change, Kings and Queens, In My Shell, False Prophet, You Can Only Tell, Against the Odds, State of Mind, My Great Escape, Against the Odds, Skin Deep, Turn Around, All the Pieces, Lose My Cool, Underrated, Waves, Judas, Enough, If, Queer, Danglin, Cum Together, Giving It Away, Walls, They, Turning Beautiful, They, What Do I Do?
Covers include: Flyleaf, Coheed and Cambria, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, AC/DC, Tool, Perfect Circle, Rush, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters and alike.
Total original set is 45 minutes to one hour and half. Will do three sets for a guarantee and include covers.