KK Holliday

KK Holliday

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They say big things come in small packages and they couldn't be more accurate than applying that thought to the incredible, multi-talented Caribbean artist/model/actress, KK Holliday. Those close to KK Holliday say she's like a chameleon the way she can adapt and mimic. KK Holliday, with her sassy, in-your-face attitude combines with a sweet melodic tone to captivate the attention of anyone in eye- or hearing-range.

Think of the word "Holiday" for a second to better understand the undeniable


KK was adopted and raised with her younger sister by a single mom in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica, where KK Holliday began singing at the tender age of 6, and performing by the age of 8. Educated at the Jamaica School of the Performing Arts, KK studied theatre, where her true love was discovered as she performed and excelled. KK received honors and awards winning the island award for Drama and Speech at age 10. As a child, KK also sang with many choirs as well as being featured in Jamaica's Star Magazine, Caribbean Times, British Elle, and various local papers. She has worked with notable photographers such as Jamel Shabazz, Ronnie Cush, Bryan Cummings and many more.

KK Holliday has collaborated with many known artists, such as Mad Cobra, Sluggy Ranks, Coolio, and Pretty Ricky. Don't let her small frame fool you, this feisty songstress is an edgy thrill-seeker that's willing to take chances that reflect her trend setting, trail blazing style and charisma. KK welcomes adversity, promotes diversity and over all embodies creativity. In 2007, KK Holliday moved to Hollywood, CA and in 2008 started working with producer Doc Frank. KK signed with Monstarz Ink in 2009.


KK is currently in the studio recording her first album, "Beauty & The Beast" which is sure to be filled with club bangers, true life stories and sensual bedroom vibes, including her hit single, "Shugga Daddy" along with "Jamaican Jerk" and "Watch Me Dance".

With her pure talent, undying beauty and drive to succeed, there's no question that we will be seeing a lot more of this striking artist on TV screens all over. Those privileged enough to hear a sample of this young island sensation are left ultimately awestruck, rendering her the Next Big Thing!!!