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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"I Must Say"

I tend to sleep on kats that I havent heard of....especially in houston. But I was privilaged to get a listen of this album from none other than blackseed and I must tell you that K.L.A.K. has one of the best albums that I have heard from houston. I feel the production quality is top notch and diverse in styles of beats used in the album. Lyrics are not like Secta 7, yet they are on point regardless. He's mostdef from the SouthSide, and he brings it on the mic. This is his 1st album and it sounds like he's been doing albums for years. All the cameos bring it as well....I think this is one of the most creative projects with a strong H-town vibe to it....if you know what I mean. I suggest you all go cop this album.

- NuLife




Feeling a bit camera shy


Nu Camp Entertainment
3030 Dunvale #2204
Houston, TX. 77056

Pastor: Cedrick Benoit
Church Home: New Covenant- Houston, TX.

K.L.A.K. aka Jason Burgess was born March 14, 1976 in Southeast Houston, TX with a strong calling on his life to do great things for Christ. At age 5, Jason experienced death for the first time with the passing of his father, not understanding why He held bitterness toward the world and God for the death of his father. When Jason reached the 6th grade he lost two close friends to gun violence, and any assurance that serving God was going to keep him safe from harm. He began carrying a pistol to school and decided if anyone was going to try him they would be delt with. After an incident in his neighborhood his mother discovered her 13 year old son was packing a pistol and ready to use it, not wanting him to become another statistic she moved Jason out of Texas to Tulsa, Ok hoping he would change his ways. By age 15 things got bad, by 17 he was transporting drugs from Texas to Oklahoma sometimes driving U-haul trucks to California and back. Jason did everything he could while running from his true calling, surviving gunfights and run ins with the law and even Banged with The Gangsta Disciple Family for ten years until fearing a state drug indictment that could send him to prison. He entered into the Armed forces serving with the Army's 4th Infantry Division. Hate for authority figures caused friction while serving in the military and after 3 years Uncle Sam had enough of this street soldier Jason was given an dishonorable discharge. Once again street bound, he decided to live the life of a hustler, returning back to Houston determined to come up. A chance meeting with an old school pimp from New Jersey, Snoop"JP" was all he needed. Snoop laced him up and Jason was quick to learn applying pimp game to his gangsta profile and soon had a stable (load of women) along with a southwest Houston crew. Money came " hand over fist " Jason says, "I was doing everything I thought I wanted to do, but I still wasn't happy after a year and a half of living the high life things came to an halt when I was arrested and served 3 months in jail." He says "I got out of jail thinking things was going to still be all good, went back to my old spot and my own folks set me up on what seem like a violation that went wrong, seeing that even though he kept it real with them. There is no real love in the streets, I gave it all up. The females, dope and X parties, none of that is worth my life. As raw as I lived I know I need Christ, so I went to my brother Blackseed and told him I was tired of living that way- I fell to my knees and gave my Life to Christ, this is my new beginning.......K.L.A.K.