Athens, Attica, GRC

Voice in Experimental and Free Improvisation


Marika Klambatsea is an avant garde award winning Composer,Pianist and vocalist , hailing from Greece ,incorporating jazz,contemporary classical and operatic elements.
Her theatrical live performances were in Festivals of Prague ,Edinburgh,,performances in Paris , Athens, and in live performances in Uk supported by the Arts Council
2003 was awarded with the Greek National Award for Calamity Jane Letters to her Daughter
She performed at Megas Alexandros .in collaboration with the Well known Director Spiros Vraxoritis
Her live performances have become famous for her expert piano as well as her operatic voice wich has a three and a half octave range
and for political takes on everything from classic arias to Billie Holiday and Free Improvisation
Her songs become weapons of many uses.... a relentless hail of crystal-clear melodic fragments (Georges Konstas Director)


"Calamity Jane"

Written By: Marika Klambatsea

Calamity Jane Martha Cannary Bill Hickok


2 cd with the title "Calamity Jane Letters to her Daughter" "La Saradua

Set List

songs of Jazz , contemporain music .classical, and cabaret