Tucson, AZ | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | INDIE | AFM

Tucson, AZ | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"The Jonah Complex"

Klassick Emcee returns to drop of an EP titled Jonah Complex which gives some insight to a person fighting to find their own greatness amidst their own insecurities. Klassick’s sound embodies the diverse range of musical influences he has both grown up on and immersed himself in during his tenure as an artist. He is now revealing his most vulnerable self with his fans – The Jonah Complex is available to stream above. - Triple HQ

"Dead End Hip Hop Presents | The Vibe: Volume 1"

When I began writing editorials two years ago, I never conceived that one day I would become Managing Editor of any major platform. I still see myself as a super fan of hip-hop. Even now, I’ll message rappers on the side to gush about how much I love their work. I never want to lose that wide-eyed wonder this music gives me. I believe there is a unique magic in emerging rappers. There is immense potential ahead, to be profoundly successful and shape a generation, and there is profound odds stacked up against an artist.

That is why I wanted to make this playlist, because I wanted others to experience my wide-eyed wonder. The following are tracks we pulled out from a hefty pile of artists who submitted on Twitter. Thank you again to Jake for helping with this amazing selection and we hope you enjoy.

Track 10: BST: KlassickEmcee

– You can really feel the soul in this one. KlassickEmcee shreds the mic on “BST”. - Deadendhiphop


This is the first release from the Family Reunion EP, encouraging you to work hard, stack your money, and stay out of the way! Don’t worry about the accolades just stay focused! - Rising Hype

"Best Indie Hip Hop & Rap | AVR-MUSIC"

A Spotify playlist with the artists Angiie Bee, Dylan Wild, Ghost Bandana, Dana McKeon and Front House.

Artists in this playlist
Afro Sam
Alex Klein
Angiie Bee
Dana McKeon
Datilus Tha Wizart
Dylan Wild
Eli Black
Front Page
G.Blaze Tha Sav Soulja
Ghost Bandana
Imiuswi Aborigine
Joyner Lucas
King Byrd
Lil A.C
Mike Cozy
Minx Couture
Shemer Mordechai
Trap Toni
Tyfon - Shared Playlists


Klassickemcee premiers the first release “Amerikkka The Beautiful” from his upcoming album #TheTurningPointForALateBloomer. - Daily Hip Hop Jamz


Family Reunion EP
The Jonah Complex EP



Klassickemcee is a hip hop artist from Waynesboro, VA who tells his story and lives inside of his truth.  Reflecting on his own life of college nights, girls, and basketball to his journey through 8 years in the United States Marine Corps.  Klass reflects also on his duties and place in the world as a single father and trying to set the right example.  He is a firm believer in being comfortable in your own skin and always believing in your own greatness.  He has touched many stages across the United States such as Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Philly, New York City, and Arizona, as well as Japan and Korea.  In addition to opening for acts such as Bone Thugs n Harmony and Devin The Dude he has graced the stages at the Arizona State Fair, Arizona Hip Hop Festival, and The Tucson Hip Hop Festival.  His music has been featured in such places as Deadendhiphop, Thisis50, HipHopHeadquarters, Unsigned Hype, VATalent, etc.  Klassickemcee is currently an independent artist under his own label Nieu Inergy and distributed through Steve Stoutes United Masters.