Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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KLASSICK is a high energy Hip-Hop/Electro artist. When he hits the stage he takes hold of his audience. KLASSICK electrifies the stage with his presence and ability to keep the audience locked into his performance.


KLASSICK, who is the CEO of KLASSICK KLIQ RECORDS was born in the beautiful country of Belize (Central America). Klassick was "a mischievous child," as he puts it. "I would get into everything." As a little boy watching RUN DMC music videos on TV, Klassick knew that a rock star was what he wanted to be. Having first picked up a microphone in the 7th grade, it felt so right and confirmed his childhood dream. Klassick went on performing at local talent shows and community showcases, and realized that he was a true performer. In High School, Klassick was asked to join an R&B group by the name of "ENVY" headed by a young "Corey Clark" of American Idol. Klassick joined the group and as time past he found that an R&B group just wasn't for him. After discussing it over with Corey, they decided to find a replacement, who, after countless auditions of other artists ended up being Shaffer Smith now known as "NE-YO." Klassick moved on with his solo career as a Hip-Hop artist and began working hard in the studio.

Throughout the years many offers came Klassick's way, but none good enough to catch his attention. After hearing no response from the major labels in which he mailed out his demos to, Klassick decided he would learn the music business in and out for himself. After reading many books on the music business and attending countless conferences, Klassick decided that a major deal wasn't what he needed or wanted. Klassick wanted to drive his own music career and not be at the mercy of anyone else, or a major label. In June of 2008 Klassick launched "KLASSICK KLIQ RECORDS." Now in full control of his ship, Klassick couldn't be happier. "It's a lot of work for sure, but it's all worth it and I wouldn't have it any other way," says Klassick. Now recorded and released three albums under his label, he claims he hasn't even started yet.

Klassick is extremely passionate and determined to make a better life for himself, his family, and his comrades. "Music is my life, this is what feeds my soul, and I will never stop." His commitment to Hip-Hop culture is also un-waivered. His distinct voice and remarkable ability to shape his flow has won him respect among Hip-Hop fans and aficionados alike. It is with an unyielding spirit and energetic presence that Klassick will step into a promising music career that is destined to bring him fame and fortune.


BOY TOY (Single)

Set List

SET LIST= 40min. of Performance Time

1. 3 Albums In (1:38)
2. Droppin Hits (4:42)
3. Fresh-2-Death (3:40)
4. All My Life (2:44)
5. All Night Long (3:14)
6. We Party (2:47)
7. Just Got Paid (3:53)
8. My Swagga So (3:05)
9. Rocking It (4:03)
10. Monsta (3:12)
11. Foreva (3:54)