Klaus Womb & Penny Super Pony Strip

Klaus Womb & Penny Super Pony Strip


Klaus Womb & Penny Super Pony Strip is a southern dutch electronic band. Combining hardcore gabber with punk, pop and rave music. Mike Dobber(Nikoo) and Liselotte de Groot sharing synths and mic. Robbert Storm controlling visuals.


Raunchy electropunk, a pinch of disco combined with some good old gabber. F*cked up synths, distorted drum machines an chaotic noise. Klaus Womb & Penny Super Pony Strip(KWPSPS) is an electronica-act straight outta Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Founded in 2007 by independent artist Liselotte de Groot and buttonfreak Mike Dobber(Nikoo) they combine pure aggression with catchy up-tempo beats. Since 2010 they teamed up with visual artist Robbert Storm for some great live visuals. Add over-the-top outfits and you know you?re dealing with something special.

Klaus Womb & Penny Super Pony Strip previously shared stage with Aux Raus, Huoratron, Otto von Schirach, Shitmat, DMX Crew, Krause, Clark.


2011. Remix track for Bombay Show Pig's Dancefloor soldier
2011. Track 'Disco Disco Disco Disco' for 3voor12 Hollandse Nieuwe 21
2011. EP self titeled
2011. EP Disco Disco Disco Disco remixes