Klaymore The Dark Trooper
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Klaymore The Dark Trooper


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Klaymore the Dark Trooper Debut EP-
Kanye West Jesus Walks - Klaymore Trap remix
Rihanna Diamonds - Klaymore moohmbaton bootleg remix
RATM Bulls on Parade - Klaymore Drumstep Remix
Klaymore - Face to Faces Original Mix
Klaymore - Tonight Original Mix



Klaymore the Dark Trooper started out as Ralph Benitez, a hip hop junkie from the streets of Inglewood California. The music from the 80's (mostly hip hop, new wave and latin freestyle dance music) set the soundtrack to his life as a youth in the city of champions, Inglewood Ca. As a child the movie Star Wars left on him a lasting impression, fueling an imagination for years to come. As a teen having played his part in street and gang life, a young Ralph ended up going to college (college is street term for jail). It is during this time when Ralph reflected on doing something positive with his life. Upon being released from college, Ralph actually learned to play the guitar after hearing for the first time some rock music he fell in love with, Nirvana's album nevermind. This made Ralph connect with and appreciate music he had already heard but never paid attention to, mainly all the classic rock from the 70's. So Ralph went on to play guitar in many a bands during the nu-metal era, and then finally settling in infamous LA rapcore band, FiveForty, in which he played guitar and wrote songs.
The band went on for 10 years before throwing in the towel due to the demise of "rapcore" and "nu-metal" and rise of emo, which Ralph loved but the rest of the band didn't care for. During the last years of 540, Ralph discovered Reason and used it to write songs for the band. after the bands break up he continued on in reason, writing tunes. Finally after discovering Ableton and Dubstep, Ralph became on fire for writing songs in this new form utilizing all his experiences with his life's soundtrack, childish imagination and hardcore rocking experience, thus the official soundtrack to his life has come of age, Klaymore the Dark Trooper.