The Kleptones

The Kleptones

 London, England, GBR

The Kleptones understand that recycling musical styles is a pop tradition that's older than the blues.


Mash-ups, Remix Culture, Bastard Pop, 21st-century audio collage, call it what you want, The Kleptones represent the vanguard of the next wave of music sampling. Copyright laws dictate that their work-to-date cannot be made legally available, so The Kleptones looked to the World Wide Web and released their work for free online, notching up over a million album downloads to date, from both their own site and mirror websites set up by enthusiastic fans.
The band hit their mark in early 2004 with "Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots", which blended the hugely successful Flaming Lips album with rap vocals from hip-hop stars past and present. The feedback they received encouraged them to develop their sound, and later that year they released what has now become their landmark release, "A Night At The Hip-Hopera". Again using hip-hop vocals, this time The Kleptones mixed them with the music of Queen, and peppered the combination with a mix of film and spoken-word samples, critiquing and mocking the current state of the music industry. The album won the band legions of fans, a flurry of press activity and a legal threat from Disney, who, through Hollywood Records, own Queen's catalogue in the USA.

The band entered 2005 by releasing "From Detroit To J.A.", an album length mix created for XFM in London. Soon after, it was announced they were to be awarded the Webby Award for “Artist Of The Year” (joining other winners such as Gorillaz, Trent Reznor and The Beastie Boys) by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, who declared the band to have "achieved new critical heights" and to be "true internet renegades". The band travelled to New York to collect the award in person at a spectacular ceremony in June of that year.

In April 2006 they released a series of online EPs heralding the arrival of their next release - the double album "24 Hours", their most ambitious release to date, and one that has been universally hailed as "The first true mash-up concept album". The next two years saw the band touring far and wide, developing their live show to include performance artists, live cameras and video mixing – documented on the “Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be” Album, which featured their 2007 set at Bestival in the Isle Of Wight.

Their 2008 US visit also saw them entering the world of public debate, as Eric from the band discussed the current state of online music and the right-to-sample head to head with David Munns, then Vice-chairman of EMI Music, as part of the O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

After a seemingly-quiet 2009, the band roared back to life, releasing their long awaited fifth album, “Uptime/Downtime”, at the stroke of midnight on 01/01/10. The double album has drawn plaudits from far and wide, and is being hailed as their best-to-date.
Following this, they debuted their new Audio/Visual show at Cargo in London in April, and spent the rest of the year touring the show and DJing across Europe, America and Brazil, pausing only to drop another album in August; the self-styled “B-sides” collection “Shits & Giggles”, comprising of new and previously unreleased tracks from across their career.

The band are currently planning their next album for a late 2011 release, but have a few other surprises to drop before then, and will be taking the Audio/Visual show on the road in Europe and America again this summer to debut some of their new material – Watch out!


"Shits & Giggles"

"Live'r Than You'll Ever Be"

"From Detroit To J.A."

"Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots"

"Uptime / Downtime"

"24 Hours"

"A Night At The Hip-Hopera"

"Never Trust Originality"