We play our vision of klezmer and balkan music. Futuristic, really energetic, influenced by rock, reggae and hip-hop. In 2010 we became finalists of Internationaal Joods Muziek Festival 2010 and won invitation to Chutzpah! Festival in Canada and series of concerts in USA.


Klezmafour is a band based between Lublin, Bialystok and Warsaw (Poland) Its inspirations are drawn from that region's klezmer traditions, but its approach is completely innovative, blending in real punk energy and Balkan madness.
The band won two prizes at Amsterdam's extremely prestigious International Jewish Music Festival in 2010. These accolades led to a very well-received tour of America and Canada, during which they performed to crowds of thousands, alongside famous names like Balkan Beat Box.
Klezmafour was formed in Lublin in 1999, and has been playing concerts ever since. They have performed in clubs and concert halls alike, in a range of places in Poland and abroad (Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Holland, Switzerland, Canada and America), and have also made several recordings for radio and TV. The quintet are artistically inspired by the history of their home city, which used to combine musical traditions from the East, West and South.
Right from the band's early days, being ideally in tune was something they particularly emphasised: "We want our music to sound as if it's being played on one single instrument. From the outset, our aim was always to achieve a perfect sense of proportion between chromatics and dynamics, using them skilfully". The band members all graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Their rigorous musical education and training from a young age have allowed them to attain their goal of being "ideally in tune" in a professional, carefully thought-out way.


"5th Element" Karrot Kommando 2011