Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Klezwoods is a modern day take on the music of the Jewish, Eastern European and Arabic traditions. They blend these styles of music with hip grooves, emotive improvisation, arrangements and melodies. They are an exciting group you do not want to miss!


Klezwoods is a Boston-based amalgam of strings, horns, and percussion that melds the spirit of traditional klezmer and balkan music with modern grooves, improvisation and east coast attitude.

Every player comes from a different background, which creates the band’s unique sound and style. They originally got their start some years back when local Cambridge, MA haunt, Atwood’s Tavern, asked soon-to-be-bandleader Joseph Kessler to put together a group of klezmer musicians during Christmas time for a “klezmer Christmas” event. Thus, Klezwoods was born, and continues to captivate audiences all over the world.


"Oy Yeah!"-2010 Accurate Records