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"KLIK in Rolling Stone"

This supercharged Florida duo is set on taking over the music industry
and wants to bring their unique sound to homes around the
globe. Take one look at the ladies of kLIK and you can all ready tell that
"Entity" is emotional, textured, and not at all afraid to rock.

check out the exclusive interview...

"Two of a kind...almost"

St. Petersburg alternative rock band Klik has been gaining a reputation for its dynamic live shows, including one spellbinding opening slot for Evanescence in Clearwater's Coachman Park. That's in large part because of frontwomen Stephanie Monty and guitarist Chrissy Paolillo, who also sings.

Monty, 26, and Paolillo, 23, have been like Siamese twins since meeting three years ago. They look alike, they live together with bassist Paul Harms - drummer Ryan Mann lives in Seminole - and they finish each other's sentences.

So, when they asked to be interviewed for IN YOUR FACE, they agreed to be interviewed together.

(1) Do you guys choose your clothes together? You both have on essentially the same outfit (sleeveless shirt, punky pants, black boots).

Chrissy: We're broke and we have no money -

Stephanie: We've both gained a lot of weight in the past few months. We've been recording in the studio and eating a lot of fast food. These are the only clothes we can fit into.

Chrissy: Sometimes those cheeseburgers just call to you, man.

Stephanie: We are just putting on any pants now that we can get around our waists (laughs). But I refuse to gain any more weight. I will not go beyond a Size 7.

Chrissy: Sometimes Stephanie just smells like a cheeseburger.

(2) How did you two meet?

Stephanie: It was three years ago . . .

Chrissy: At a party . . .

Stephanie: Chrissy was throwing a party . . .

Chrissy: With my boyfriend at the time. It was a very expensive house on the beach. All these frat-boy-type-people showed up. It really wasn't our crowd.

Stephanie: There were all these preppy people. I was wearing like Daisy Duke short shorts. I had just come from the beach. I was trying to cover up my butt with these shorts. I had on red strappy platform shoes - I love red shoes. They weren't like Ronald McDonald red, like, cherry red. They were cool! But I looked totally weird.

I didn't know anyone at this party. So I walked in, and there were all these preppy girls and frat boys, and everything just stopped (laughs).

Chrissy: (laughing) It was like a record going screeeeech! Everyone was like, "Who the hell is this girl?" I was like, "Who is this weird girl? And how come I've never seen her before?"

Stephanie: So, I'm the weird girl. I look around, and there is one girl I want to talk to in the whole place, and it's Chrissy. She looked like she had something to her.

Chrissy: She was so weird. She totally stalked me all night.

Stephanie: (laughs) I did. I followed her around all night, interrupting all of her conversations with other people, trying to get her to talk to me.

Chrissy: Finally, she told me she sang. Then she just started singing. She was all (singing) "La la la" in front of everyone! And I'm like, "Dude! Shut up!" So, we went into this back room and talked for, like, three hours about music and starting a band and our vision.

Stephanie: And we haven't spent a day apart since.

(3) Do the boys in the band get miffed that you two get most of the attention?

Stephanie: Not at all. Those guys are such good musicians. They also know that the people up front, the guitarist and the singer, whether or not they are guys or girls, always get all the attention anyway. They understand that.

Our drummer, Ryan, if he could play behind a wall, he would. He doesn't care if people look at him, he just wants to be heard, and he wants people to know he's good, which he is. Both of them are such excellent musicians.

Plus, if either of them ever complained about not getting attention, we would make them wear blinky lights (laughs).

Chrissy: Or tutus.

(4) When did you become interested in music?

Stephanie: I've been singing since I was 2.

Chrissy: I started with piano when I was 5. Then I got into drums, anything I could find. My parents were supportive - well, they didn't like the drums. I really liked Tori Amos.

But it wasn't until I went to a Hooverphonics show at Jannus Landing that I realized I wanted to play in a band. She (singer Liesje Sadonius) was an inspiration because she wasn't so famous like Britney Spears or Madonna. She was just a girl in a band, not naked, not ultrafamous.

Stephanie: We have a serious lack of role models.

Chrissy: Stephanie grew up on folk music.

Stephanie: My parents listened to Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan and weird bluegrass and traditional folk music, and all those harmonies stuck with me. I'm really good at picking out harmonies.

Chrissy: She knows all those weird old songs like (sings operatically) "Don't fall over the apple tree."

Stephanie: It's Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree! (laughs) Don't fall over the apple tree doesn't even make sense! How does that even make sense?

(5) What if rock stardom doesn't pan out? Do you have another plan?

Stephanie: I will go to Kathmandu, and I will study religion. Seriously. I will become a monk. I am not getting married and having kids and living a - St. Petersburg Times

"Verizon Music Fest."

TAMPA, Fla. - The 2004 Verizon Music Festival celebrates its fourth year in the Tampa Bay area May 14-20, with performances by chart-topping artists at multiple venues. Modern-rock sensation, Evanescence, multiple Grammy Award-winner, k.d. lang, and Americana luminaries the Flatlanders are among the headliners.
Opening for Evanescence; KLIK and Collective Soul - St. Petersburg times.


Whispers and Lies - full length album
KLIK Singles Vol1 - 2 singles



This supercharged Florida duo is set on taking over the music industry
and wants to bring their unique sound to homes around the
globe. Take one look at the ladies of kLIK and you can all ready tell that
"Entity" is emotional, textured, and not at all afraid to rock.

check out the exclusive interview...

Band Bio

St. Petersburg, FL 2001- a party, an attitude, a magnetic force... Truth be told, one repelled
and the other attracted. That's the big bang of KLIK!
read here for more history... http://www.sptimes.com/2004/09/16/Weekend/Two_of_a_kind__almost.shtml
We're not quite sure how to attain this crazy dream.
We ignore the box and usually notice the lines way to late.
We share most things... especially a love for Tori Amos, Orson Scott Card and blood red hair
color that stains your pillows.
The whole "rock band thing" works for us very well live, however in the studio, we revert to
the changeless yet ever evolving core of KLIK which is Stephanie Monty (Vocals) and Chrissy Paolillo (Guitar)
Our personal philosophy is to live a life worth remembering and our most ambitious goal is to
become the number one household name synonymous with successful females in the music industry.
We do everything together. In the past 5 years and 7 cities, we've spent only 9 days
apart and have had plenty of great opportunities like sharing the stage with Evanescence, Collective Soul, Fuel,
and most recently...Dark New Day who we later found out would have let us use their guitar rig if we had the balls to ask....
the machine gods do not favor Chrissy...
PS. Sometimes the clothes do not make the band...........