Norman, Oklahoma, USA
BandRockHip Hop

Hardcore Pop and Softcore Punk. Rock and/or Roll.


One guy hits things. One guy keys things. Two guys strum things. Everyone yells things. Everyone kisses differently.

We've been recording and performing for over twenty years. We've opened for The Flaming Lips, Ween, & No Doubt.
Influences- The Jam, The Ramones, Ween, The Police, and the Marx Bros.
We sound like Klipspringer.


Losing My LIghter

Written By: Ty Kamm

-chorus- I keep losing my lighter,
I don't wanna lose it, I don't wanna lose it. repeat

1st verse- But it never makes it home with me, not as far as I can see. I think I'm gonna have to smoke some more, now I'm back at the corner store because...


2nd verse- It was kind of a neon green, and when it lit it smiled at me. Now it's gone and my bong is blue, not neon just plain old blue.

bridge- I think you took it. I think you've got it. I think you took it. It's in your pocket! I know you took it and I know you've got it because...



KlipHop (CD) - Sprockett Records - 2015

The Trouble with Sebastian (download only) - Sprockett Records - 2011

Everyone Kisses Differently (CD) - Sprockett Records 2007

My Knee Hurts (CD) - Sprockett Records 2004

Sleepwalking & the Married Virgin (CD) - Nub Records 2000

The Mind of Mandy Moon (CD) - Mushy Mango 1996

Lunar Surfing Buddha (cassette) - Cherry Pop 1995

Klipspringer EP (cassette) - Cherry Pop 1994

Airplay on numerous college radio, internet radio & podcast stations. Regular airplay on several German, U.K. & South American radio stations. Most recently on XM Radio - The Radar Report w/ Billy Zero on XMU.

Set List

All originals with the occasional cover. One set, anywhere from :30 to 1:30. The songs vary from set to set.