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"You Know They've Been To The Edge -- They Stood And Looked Down"

...except they ARE talkin 'bout love. and that's what I'M talkin 'bout, too, when it comes to the fantastic four in Klondike-5. i love the instant gratification of my favorite KL5 song, the instant familiarity when this CD starts in my car, and the instant sweat on the drummer at a live show. there is so much good music on this record that it's impossible to like Keith's intro to "Faith Full Again" any better than you like Zack's solo on "Soontime," Brian's incredible, harrowing, entirely-true story of the "Sasquatch," or Kevin's brilliant lyrics and soulful singing throughout. you can listen to this over and over yourself, or you could give it as a gift to literally ANYONE you know... from your kids to your parents. buy it, and thank me with a beer at the next show. - Customer Review

"Ballard Wrok!"

Seattle is full of post-punk "retro" kids trying to rehash a time well before they were born, and uptight emo/beatnick/richkid bands that make you want to move to Belltown and start yet another depressing coffee house where they can house your other friends acoustic masterbatory audio misgivings. KL5 is NEITHER of those. This record has more styles of rock than any of the radio stations in the NW, and they do them all well. From Track One until the end it's a roller coaster ride of emotion, thought and just good music. It's nothing new (not by a long shot), in fact you can probably easily name any of the bands they got their inspiration from when you hear 30 seconds of any track. However, they do what they do well and it never gets old. Buy this CD, you'll find it becomes a mainstay in your CD player, guarantee'd. - Customer Review


"At the onset, music was nothing more than a steady beat and emotion. Clean, pure, and from the heart. As we progressed so did the music around us. While progress is good the outcome doesn't always share the adjective. Then there was KL5. A smooth sound that grabs us by the ear and says, "Hey, come here! I want to show you what music can sound like when you wipe away all the bullshit." When asked if I like KL5 I can say only that I have two ears and a heart. Keep it up guys." - Bryan Kostors


Draw, Full Length Album
Recorded from late 2006 to mid 2007, follows the steel line through the old territory and continues west toward the sun into a new sound and builds a home there. The mainstay acoustic conscious
remains, but with a new found rock and roll heart that's both exciting and chaotic, yet still remains heartfelt and honest.

Steal the Plain Straight, EP
Recorded in early 2003, hearkens back to the group's earlier days and tunes, is a bit more stripped down than their current live shows in the Seattle metro area, and will give you a bit of a window into this band's beginnings with a couple surprises along the way.



KL5 is, simply, music borne of four mates who after several years, one day realized they enjoyed the music and company of one another more so than the other projects they'd been or were a part of. With acoustic flair, combined with a healthy dose of electricity and sonic-sculpting; this foursome offers up a progressive-folk-rock-funk styling that draws on as many other artists and styles as the four
band mates have toes and fingers, or are able to count out loud.

Klondike-5 is a musical story that will never end, pounding through the days with aural panache and a love for just good friends and good sounds that those can make together.