Tacoma, Washington, USA

Old school '77 punk like the Ramones, Misfits meets Dead Kennedys


Genres: Old-school Rock/ Punk/ Alternative
In early 2010, Kate RoxWell met Jeff at a Tacoma house party. They immediately hit it off and formed KLONDIKE KATE!, playing growly, political-edged, stripped down punk rock & roll. Jose Sanchez saw the duo play in the summer of 2011, and joined the band five days later. The trio releases explosive chemistry that pushes gender, music, and artistic stereotypes evidenced in their many shows played around the Northwest. Lovely Go Go Dancer accompanies the band, adding her interpretive dance, during live shows. There's not been a group like this in decades. The band's sound has been compared to The Ramones, X-Ray Spex, Dead Kennedys and the B-52s. Their 5 track EP, "Psychobilly Express' was released summer 2010. Their full length album, 'Claim Jumper' was released February 2012. See their official website here: http://www.skyclyde.com/KlondikeKate.html


The band's 5-Track EP, 'Psychobilly Express' (2011) is available in records stores & online. Buy it on CD BABY and other online stores.

In February 0f 2012 "Claim Jumper" was released,The release is a full length album.

Set List

Claim Jumper
Wonder Woman
Alien Invasion
Cherry Bomb
Facebook Junkie
Murphy's Law
Not Today
Poison Ideas
Red Flag Roosevelt