Sounds like Megadeth, Coheed And Cambria, Boston, Weezer and Rush Combined.


"If you were to ask a random person what the word Klopek meant to them, you’d probably get one of three responses. First, he might say that it means nothing to him. If he were an educated person he would say that it is a name of Slavic origin. Lastly, he just might say that it is one of the most promising and talented bands to ever come out of Dallas. And he would be right.

Forming in 2001, and hailing from the small town of Red Oak, Texas, south of Dallas, this young group plans to use its unique style to force its way into the homes of every rock and roll fan. With the addition of bassist Wes Edwards in 2005, combined with founding members Matt Hamel (drums), Daniel Burnett (Guitar, Vocals), and Casey Dennington (Vocals, Guitar), the band began to explore new musical territory. Traces of their eclectic group of influences began to emerge, running the gamut from rock bands Boston and Coheed and Cambria, to metal like Megadeth and Pantera, to early alternative bands Sunny Day Real Estate and Weezer. Today, Klopek has integrated with the essential club scene, performing at numerous venues and sharing the stage with many local and national acts. Their live act is fearsome, filled with unique guitar riffs and rapturous vocals. Those who see the band live will find Klopek's haunting melodies pulsing through their cerebrums for weeks.

The musicianship and camaraderie of this band run as deeply as the blood in your veins, and you can expect that whatever the venue, Klopek will deliver an energetic, aggressive, and unforgettable experience. Simply put, Klopek pulls no punches. There are no gimmicks, no falsehood. You don’t have to like alternative, rock, metal. Yet, fans from all crowds can find something to like about this up-and-coming band. They are honest musicians playing honest music, with each member putting every bit of himself into his craft.

-"Best Alternative Act" - Dallas Music Fest

Guitar and Bass - Alice in Chains, Pantera,
Coheed And Cambria, Megadeth
Vocals - Sunny Day Real Estate, Ben Folds Five, Bjork,
The Beatles
Drums - Rush, Alkaline Trio, 80's Rap, 80's Metal,
and early Jazz

Vans Warped Tour 2007
-Reliant Center, Houston TX
-Keven Says Hot Topic Stage

Clubs Played At:
-Reliant Center
-Curtain Club
-Club Clearview
-Darkside Lounge
-Double Wide
-The Door
-Galaxy Club
-Liquid Lounge
-Red Blood Club

Some Bands Klopek has shared a stage with:

-Motion City Soundtrack
-Hot Rod Circuit
-Fair To Midland

-The Feds
-Fair To Midland
-The Lights Of Dragna
-Shaolin Death Squad
-The House Harkonnen
-Fallen From The Nest (FFTN)
-Glass Intrepid

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Written By: Klopek

light, come down to me.
you see, I need to fight a pain thats ever haunting me
so long

you know its not too late
you're talking o' so crazy to me
I cant seem to shake this fever
thats ever haunting

Fear and Loathing

Written By: Klopek

You: Of Liars Fame...
I: would like to take YOUR life

Find out I cant see, but I can feel.
I have a thousand times.
This light over my head dies.
I feel so down.
This bloody makeup runs down lifeless eyes.
Write down your favorite story so all your friends and family will know.
Tonight this fight will take your life.


Written By: Klopek

i remember, the day i saw you there
the stars were falling, time was stalling
enough to get me there

i knew i had to follow, i knew it was for sure
the feeling in my heart would last for evermore

i fall to pieces, the times you leave my room
i never thought the time to say goodbye would come so soon

i knew i could not follow, i knew it was for sure
the pain inside my heart would last for evermore

its coming closer, i've never been so scared
it falling away from me


~ Klopek (Self Titled) - (LP, 2007) - Self Released

Set List

Klopek sets usually range from 30 to 50 minutes and feature most if not all of the following. On occasion; depending on the situation, Klopek will play a cover song or two.

Coma (4:11)
Fear and Loathing (3:17)
Evermore (2:30)
Tucked In (4:13)
Code Red (3:22)
Posterboy (4:59)
No More Roses (2:51)
Triple Threat (3:07)
OK (4:01)
Bombardment (2:40)