Austin, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

The subject is reality meets fantasy expressed through catchy yet well thought lyrics, the sound is intense meets a laid back skater feel, and the relation is anyone from every walk of life.


Since his birth on December 27, 1983 in Kansas City, MO Tyler "Kloudi" Pennington has always been influenced by music. From performing in all-district, all state and all seven state choirs to being the lead singer of hip-hop/rock band Kao Kyen he stayed entrenched in the music scene. It was in August 2005 when Kloudi decided to branch off on his own as a solo hip-hop artist/producer and start what is now Kloud-Eye Muzik LLC.

When asked what his music sounds like Kloudi would respond "It's hard to explain, you just have to listen and see for yourself" because he truly believes that his music speaks clearer than words and that his influence is bigger than conversation. The music will help you celebrate the ups and get you through the downs.

In 2007 Kloudi teamed up with Michael "Maintain" who is now Co-Owner and artist/engineer of Kloud-Eye Muzik LLC. Since linking up, the duo has been making an impact on the independent hip-hop scene by wrecking shows, putting out projects, and making business moves behind scenes.

Kloudi is not only highly involved as a producer and artist he plays a big role in the business and legal side of the label. Kloudi graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree from Park University in 2006 and a Juris Doctrate law degree from University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2010.

He continues to bring his music to the masses through live performances and new music; while continually working on the next big move for the label.


"A Lot to Say"-LP (2006)
"When it Rains it Pours"-LP (2007)
Kloud-Eye Muzik Presents: "The Kollaboration"-LP (2008)
Maintain-"Guilty"-LP (2010)-produced 9 of 12 tracks
"Johnny Cash of Hip-Hop"-LP (2011) COMING SOON