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Wait! Where You Going

Written By: Krystal Singleton

Verse 1
Oh, wait a minute please baby don’t you go, haven’t had the chance baby to let you know, the way you give it to me boy, got me really bugging out. So who cares if your ex don’t like, all your homies baby really want me, why you sitting there tripping you’re the one I want around.
Pre Hook
Stop frowning that face, you know you really miss me boy, I see you looking at me, you really use to love me boy, yeah its true, there goes that smile on your face, I had you where I left you boy, Wait why you walking away I’m only playing baby please wait.
Baby Please, Where you going, hey where you going, please wait.
Verse 2
Hey, not the average girl use to date, older and I gain a little weight, do get it twisted I can still duke it out, Okay now back to what I had to say, baby why you acting so strange, thought you really loved me guess you don’t love me now.
Repeat Pre Hook & Hook

This song was written by: Krystal Lynn Singleton 610-679-4446/ a-k-a K-luv