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Mesquite, TX | Established. Jan 01, 1996 | INDIE

Mesquite, TX | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1996
Band Blues Gospel




"KM Williams and Washboard Jackson - "Free To Roam""

KM Williams and Washboard Jackson - "Free To Roam" Video shot by KUTX Austin - KUTX Austin

"Rev KM Williams and Washboard Jackson - "Meet You at the Station""

KM Williams and Washboard Jackson - "Meet You at the Station" First Video shot by KUTX Austin - KUTX Austin

"Trainreck: Truth in Advertising, 2009 SXSW"

Reverend K.M. Williams and Washboard Jackson bash out the blues.

North Mississippi has no lock on the droning/bash it out deep blues. Dallas-based Reverend K.K. Williams & the Amazing Trainreck (no w), a most prolific duo of Williams (various guitars including a one-string cigar box model) and drummer/percussionist Washboard Jackson do their best to beat up the blues.

Wednesday night at The Ranch, Williams, Jackson and the stage crew spent lots of time between songs fixing things onstage.

"It happens every gig," the sharply dressed Williams said. "We break something. That's why we're called Trainreck."

Blind Lemon Jefferson would probably have been only marginally mortified by Trainreck's blues.


"KM Williams on the 2-String Diddley Bow w/ Washboard Jackson"

There just aren't enough bloggers here on OS who are too lazy to write well yet too proud to put up the shoddy stuff, who spend far too much time lurking in the shadowy recesses of their local curling rink, and who try to compensate for these failings by posting great music instead. I suspect I am the only one.

Today we get the Rev. KM Williams and Washboard Jackson, of the 2-man band Trainreck, during the 2008 Arkansas Blues and Heritage festival. The Arkansas Times said: "A guy playing an electrified diddley bow, a simple instrument comprised of a stick, a cigar box and two strings from which he ripped a blues funk, drew a crowd of dozens."

- KM Williams on the 2-String Diddley Bow w/ Washboard Jackson


The True Reverend of Texas Country Blues, April 5th, 2006, 10:15 AM
Reviewer: Anonymous
The Title doesn't lie! this True Texas/Mississippi Country Blues like Blind Lemon and Robert Johnson as if it came right out of the 1920's and 30's,mixed with Blind Willie Johnson-like Spirituals ,but made in the 21st Century. A Modern classic that sounds like it was made in the 30's.


"KM Williams"

This artist, who first received an early guitar lesson from Elmore James at the age of seven, has performed at various clubs,coffeehouses & Festivals around North & Central Texas & opened for such International Blues Artists as Kim Wilson, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Andrew “Junior Boy” Jones & Little Milton. KM wrote all the songs himself; after receiving divine inspiration when the great Bluesman John Lee Hooker passed away earlier in 2001. If you like Country Blues & Boogie like John Lee Hooker; Elmore James Or R.L. Burnside, you’ll love KM Williams! SOUTHWEST BLUES MAGAZINE – “…Williams has this wonderful intensity that permeates his work. There is this omnipotent spiritual texture that engulfs the tunes. It is impossible not to pick up that Country Blues Gospel vibe throughout the tracks. Williams is steeped in it; it's the fuel that that feeds his fire. Best way I can describe it: it's that electric thrill you get listening to an energized, fire in the belly, Servant of God delivering one of those stand up and shout Hallelujah Salvation sermons. It gets under your skin and stays there. Something about his playing; something about his voice; something about the combination of the two. The man has a gift…Check out "Sanctified Boogie" for an excellent introduction to KM Williams' world. There are several tracks that I won't soon forget. Try the haunting "I'm A Soldier" or the mesmerizing "Boogie Child" and I think you can smell what the rock is cooking. Another standout performance on the song "Not By Works, But By Grace" really drives home the point. This is a great listen from beginning to end and Williams shows us some fascinating texture along the path. It will be very interesting to see where the road takes us next. An excellent follow-up from an excellent performer.” --- BILL FOUNTAIN, SOUTHWEST BLUES MAGAZINE , January 2002.


Genre: Blues

Sound description: Rockin' boogie and blues duo

Formed: 2002

City: Dallas, TX

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MySpace CD Baby K.M. Williams Trainreck is a two-piece alternative blues duo. The music hits you hard and leaves you wanting more. On all three of Trainreck's feature length CDs you'll hear familiar new and classic sounds produced in ways you never thought possible. Since the inception of Trainreck in 2002, the duo has nitched a small but respectable cult following around the globe.

The band consists of K.M. Williams and Washboard Jackson. K.M. is the engineer of the train, steering it on and off the tracks...You never know where he'll take you next. Williams handles guitar, harmonica and vocals, and writes most of the lyrics. Washboard is the fireman. He feeds the engine with fuel for the soul...his rhythms wont let you forget you are alive. Jackson plays percussion (drums, washboard, etc.) and writes some of the lyrics.

Trainreck's musical attack will leave you amazed. WARNING! After you buy your first Trainreck music, before you pop it in and give it the initial spin....................Get up and BAR THE DOOR!

Information from the band's site

MusiciansK.M. Williams: guitar, harmonica, lead vocals, vocals Washboard Jackson: drums, percussion, washboard -


When John Lee Hooker and Henry Qualls passed on;some said that was the last of the great Boogie men. But it looks like a new one has stepped in to carry the torch into the 21th century;His name is KM Williams,a Texas Born and bred,ordained Minister who also answered a calling to play the Country Blues in addition to his ministry(Not unlike his forebears Blind Lemon Jefferson and Charley Patton;KM is in the line of great Country bluesmen like them). This CD is a Testament to music that speaks to the soul and to the foot;plain and simple.With just a soulful voice;raw,gutbucket Boogie/Country blues guitar work and footstompin in the style of old John Lee Hooker will get your feet pattin',your ears tinglin and your soul satisfied!!! - A Fan!! This CD is dedicated to the late ,great,Texas Country Bluesman Henry Qualls,who passed away in December,2003. - KM Williams

Average Customer Review: -

"2010 Best 10 blues CD's"

Seeing Cyndi Lauper on several best blues of 2010 lists forced me to do my own (her album is fine, but one of the best? Seriously?). There were some good albums across the huge spectrum of what can be considered blues these days. From incredibly raw to slick and highly produced, there’s plenty of good soulful blues being made. Some looks back to traditional music, but there are blues musicians still creating sounds like nothing we’ve heard before.

This list includes only new music, not reissues or first-time issues of old stuff. Here are my ten favorites (at least until I change my mind in a few minutes):

Reverend KM Williams – When I Rise. Â KM Williams had put about a dozen or so records on his own, but I hadn’t heard him until this release on Dialtone. He’s either a modern-day Blind Willie Johnson or a Holiness Church preacher version of R.L. Burnside. Williams plays raw music on a one-string homemade guitar. It sometimes shows his Texas roots, but the rhythms of Mississippi hill country grooves are in there too. Whether Williams is singing about finding redemption in the Lord or troubles with a woman, it comes out with the same forceful delivery. -

"Top Twenty Blues albums 2014"

Rev. KM Williams - Jukin' In The Holy Land - Live in Israel (Nobody's Fault): Williams did three live dates while visiting Israel, and this disc captures the best of those dates. Raw and visceral, ragged but right, this is real deal blues in front of an enthusiastic audience. -


1) Reverend of Texas Country Blues, 2000(CD BABY), 2) Texas Country Blues Preacher, 2001 (CD BABY), 3) Sanctified Boogie, 2001 (CD BABY), 4) The Return of Brother Lemon, 2002 (CD BABY), 5) Blind Willie's Hymns, 2002 (CD BABY), 6) I'm an OLD Soul, 2003 (CD Baby), 7) The Minister of Texas Boogie, 2004 (CD BABY),8)KM Williams-Country Roads, Street Corners & Churchhouses (2004), 9) KM Williams-Truth Music (2005), 10) KM Wiliams-Live in Italy (2005) CD/DVD, 11) KM Williams-The Resurrection of Blind Willie and Old Time Spirituals (2006), 12) KM Williams-Here Comes the Preacher Man (2006), 13) KM Williams/Trainreck - Live Wreckage and Classics (2007), 14) KM Williams-The lost Tapes of Jukes and Spirituals (2007), 15) KM Williams- Live At THe Longhorn BBQ (2007), 16) CRIES FROM THE SOUL (2008), 17) THE BOOGIE REVEREND (2008) and 18) TEXAS MISSISSIPPI BLUES SPIRITUALS (2008).When  I Rise(2010)(Dialtone records) The Truth(2014), "New Spirituals"(2015),"We All Sing the Blues:Live in Deep Ellum"(2016) and Cleopatra Records release "The Real Deal Blues"(2016).



The Real Deal Texas Boogie/Blues ! Basically a modern Texas Country Blues & Boogie Band (with a heavy Delta Blues influence) in the style similar to Blind Willie Johnson, T-Model Ford, John Lee Hooker, Hound Dog Taylor & Lightning Hopkins! Rev KM Williams, a native East Texan, is on Guitar and Diddley Bow, and is a bonafide Texas Country Bluesman whose style is rooted in the deep Blues & Boogie of Lightnin Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, RL Burnside & Blind Willie Johnson. KM also happens to be an Ordained Minister of the Gospel, so he can sermonize you while he's rockin' you too.

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