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Born into a notorious drug dynasty during the late 80’s, K.Matic lost those closest to him at a very young age. Left by his mother and raised by his father who carried weight in the streets as one to be feared, K.Matic has lived a full life and knows first hand the challenges of street life.

The life of Kempton Freeman, K.Matic , has not always been easy, but somehow this up-and-coming rapper has found his way through life’s obstacles and is gaining respect as a new talent on the music scene. The infectious flow of his lyrics, his unrelenting drive, honest talk and engaging state presence often leaves the audience breathless.

The lyrics that flow from his heart are born from real life experience. He was born two months premature addicted to crack and wasn’t supposed to live. His mother was a crack addict and his father the dealer who sold the very product that caused the addiction of both mother and son. He survived a life surrounded by gangs, drugs, violence and severe poverty in the hard streets of St. Louis. This same young man is now gaining respect as a lyricist and showing the world that life is what you make it. This young hit maker is beating some long odds, and proving wrong all those who said he would amount to nothing.

Kempton picked up the name “K.Matic” from a childhood friend who was gunned down at the age of thirteen. To pay homage to his family who, as a result of violence and are now longer here, Kempton has a tattoo that pays tribute to them. It is a daily reminder of where he came from and where he wants to go. Kempton is a product of his environment. Homeless at the age of nine, he was raised by the streets after his father was tragically gunned down and died in Kempton’s arms. He found no home in the juvenile detention centers in the inner city of St. Louis. Lost and abandoned, he started writing poetry and short stories to ease a lifetime of pain, often not experienced by someone so young. It was the pain of losing all those he and loved, and who had left him alone with no one to turn to. He was attracted to rap as a teen. Kempton fell in love with music, beats and writing lyrics which tapped into his innermost feeling and experiences. Life had given him a bounty of material to work with. Undaunted by his many challenges in life, Kempton is now a college graduate, a goal he once questioned, and continues to learn his trade while enters the music scene and makes it his life. This rapper is confident that he will go from being a local sensation to a household name.

“I have a great mind set, I work hard and I am taking my rap career seriously,” says Freeman, who many say resembles 50 Cent. “Business comes before all. I take every opportunity to hone my craft on the mic, learning about the industry and making a name for myself throughout the Midwest. Trying to make a break into the business is hard, but I am working at doing the right things and taking the right steps to make this rising career happen. I am on the right path, knowing it will be a long road, but I am willing to travel it to reach my destination.”

Using first-class beats, bitterness often creeps into his thought-provoking, edgy lyrics as he expresses his personal experiences and brings them into the open. Having escaped a life of crime through his athletic abilities and his talent to create music, he now understands that we all have the power to control our future, no matter how our lives begin. Putting a little Midwest swag on everything he does, his stunning talent is versatile: crunk, hip-hop, a little for the ladies, and just making music for the block. “I guess that you would call it doughboys music, but I just do me.”

K.Matic has performed in many venues in the Midwest with the group “Wheels of Steel” and his boys, “So St. Louis Clik” including the world’s largest music festival Summerfest. As an accomplished battle rapper, winning numerous contests in college and later being asked to perform for many events on the same college campus, K.Matic is always passionate about his music and he continues to explode in popularity.

“I hope you like my music,” he says. “I have put a lot of time into it and feel like I got something to give this game. It is about the hard work and not about beefing with other artists to get famous. I make music for the masses – when they hear it, they feel good about it. I want to work on my craft because it is truly a gift. If I can reach one person, I know I am going a great thing – I know its working, this thing we call music.”