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(2009): Il Moto Nell'Anima [ Concept Instrumental Album ]



Michele Lo Savio
Nineteen Eightysix | August | Fourteenth.

It’s not so easy to explain how music - and then the arts generally - penetrated into my infant life, and then suddenly took possession of the basic vital functions of my organism.
Since I was three, I’ve never resisted to piano’s fascination. It could have been because of that graphic harmony, created by black and white keys alternation. It could have been for some creative capacities I could get - not in common with the gretest pianists - pressing those keys: making noise.
So, fortuitously, at the age of six, I decided to follow my cousin’s footprints taking piano lessons, a bit for wish, a bit for freak. I still thank him.
I took piano lessons for eight years, until the day I got a double left forearm fracture. Tries to lessons resumption were useless.

I tried to flirt with a guitar, but she confessed me to be everything but an easy charachter.

The accident changed the course of events, but not my ambitions and attitudes. Music composition by PC offered me a real outburst–valve. I enlarged my musical horizons with it. Till then, I fed – musically talking – on Queen, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and similar. First I gave myself up to techno music, which I slowly gave up – but sometimes I recover it with some revisitations – while I began to find in Subsonica, Motel Connection, Thom Yorke, Radiohead, Chemical Brothers, Robert Miles and Depeche Mode, my real vocation: Electronic and Ambient Music.

Architecture University studies – dropped out – as well as giving me a heavy influence in graphic arts sphere, they opened my eyes on what I had to do: as soon as I gave up the exams done, I joined DAMS (Arts, Music and Show Disciplines) in Fisciano, Salerno, where my creative horizons enlarge themselves from day to day. Study of other artistic disciplines, near, adjacent, but however different by music opens my mind. Endlessly. New windows on the world. New sights. And every time it’s like if I had new eyes. In the last months I’ve tested my ars scribendi in some tens short literary works in verses, and my imagination in some film-scripts for some short films and a long film. As long as my mind never came up to this thoughts in all these years, then I’ve realized that creative process is not so different by that one activated by musical composition.
On the other hand, while I compose a musical track, this process includes an automatic imaging phase of scenes – real or not – given to me by inspiration. Writing a film-script, it succeeds the opposite process.

In the end, photography, reading, astronomy – in a contemplating way – and idleness – moreover – are the last elements of plasma, which, in constant mutation and at high temperatures, harbours in my organism.

On April 2009, I realized my first self-produced concept album production, titled “Il Moto Nell’Anima”, which didn’t have distribution and the 150 copies produced had only a promotional intent. Therefore the album is completely listenable on my official website www.k-mikael.com. Actually I’m at work for my second concept album, “Al-Debaran”.

On the end of the new millennium first decade, started a new project, in which I feature as singer, synth & piano player, with Giuseppe Grossi as guitarist and Umberto Izzo as drummer. A project which doesn’t expect borders or limits about influences and genres: “The Mad Hatter”.



anechoic room.
contamination of ideas, sensations, moods.
melting of the classical with the avant-garde.
of imagination with experimentation.
non-tangible voiced universes.
listener onirical inventions.
amorphous worlds, across the vision.
essences subjected to sound.
places located in the unconscious.
the dark waiting for the light.


descriptive contaminations of sound visions.