BandEDMHip Hop

wake the hell up, in your face, bass heavy live PA electronic music! Beautifully bridging the gap between live analogue instrumentals, electronic/midi synths n' sounds, & dj'ing. I am a one man band bringing a full band show!


Self taught musician (drums/percussion, keys, beginning bass guitar) w/ my roots tied deeply in all genres of metal & punk. With these influences I have come to create bass heavy electronic music (drum&bass, dubstep, drumstep, midtempo/funk, electro house, house) using an assortment of various keyboards & synth pads along w/ live analogue instruments & live drums/percussion, & live DJ'ing to top off my live PA set. That's A LOT OF LIVE! I am currently finishing up my debut EP which will include 6 original tracks & 2 remixes from my favorite EDM producers.


DJ Mixes: 1. Do Work Son! 2. Funky Midtempo Mix 3. Music To Brush Your Teeth To 4. DubaLectroDnb(mini mix)

Singles: 1. Feelin' Slow 2. Mtn Dew(original mix) 3. Mtn Dew(caffenated mix) 4. Fire&Ice 5. Kaoss

Singles & DJ mixes can be found on my Soundcloud website ;)

Set List

My original tracks infused beautifully w/ other head bangers throughout the EDM genres. I don't usually have a setlist or planned sets...I just go with the flow!