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Concious rhymes, crazy beat-boxing and mad freestyles. "Knackeboul" (Winner of the M4Music Demotape Clinic 2006, Category "Urban") puts the fun back into Hip-Hop.


So you have been thinking that music in Switzerland is all about jodeling? Well, this guy will proove you were all wrong.

Knackeboul is a critically acclaimed Rapper from Longvalley, Switzerland. Besides fronting two Hip-Hop crews ("Mundaristen" & "Suiceside") he is also pushing his own career by releasing his solo debut "Red und Antwort" (Question and Answer). Fat beats and fresh rhymes in the local dialect of Knackeboul's home town, served in a a digipack designed by the unmistakable Kwest make this record an outstanding collectors item for any Hip-Hop fan out there.

Even if you don't understand B�rnd�tsch - the german dialect native to the Kanton of Berne - the twenty tracks on "Red und Antwort" leave you begging for more.

If your lucky enough to be in Switzerland in Spring 2007, you can catch "Knackeboul" live on the "Swiss Groove Tour" supporting "Famara" & "GMF".


April, 2006: "Red und Antwort"

Solo-Debut featuring the videoclips "Wiich", "Meister Zeit" & the winning urban track of the M4Music Demotape Clinic 2006 "Represente".

Releases with other bands:

Orlando Menthol: "Boomberry" (12", 2006)
Suiceside: "Suiceside Wixtape" (CD, 2004)
Mundartisten: "Blau�ugig" (CD, 2006, "Burebuebe (EP & 12", 2004) & "Gift" (CD, 2002)

Set List

1. Knackeboul br�nnt!
2. Red und Antwort
3. Paradies
4. Chlatsch
5. Marketing Skit
6. Liebi
7. Represente
8. Meister Zeit
9. Wip mit
10. Sohn
11. Koch Skit
12. Stand der Dinge
13. Wiich
14. Partygroove
15. Dr Prinz Ipiel
16. G�rtner Skit
17. Luschtigi Sache
18. Lustig?
19. Nacht und N�bu
20. Knackeboul dankt