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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Very likely working towards becoming one of the iconic bands..."

There is a statement that could easily be made about music. This statement is that it affects almost everyone. You cannot seem to go anywhere these days without hearing music over speakers. You could wait along a sidewalk and people would gladly share with you what their favorite musical artists are, their favorite songs, and music related memories. Surely in this stint of interviews, you would hear the band name KNAPSACKHEROES!

You see, they are very likely working towards becoming one of the iconic bands mentioned above. Through the course of the paragraphs coming up, you are going to get a look at this band from a very candid perspective. Not only will you learn about what kind of music that they play, but you will also gain some perspective into where you can expect this band to be in the upcoming year.

You see, there are plenty of ways that people have tried to describe this band to those that they want to turn on to the sound. Some people compare the instrumentals to Duran Duran and the entire mixture is those popular hooks and guitar stylings of Duran Duran being crushed by Heavy D. Sound like something you might be interested in listening to?

There are only a few groups in history that have been able to just put on all kinds of different hats and somehow make them sound better than the last choice. KNAPSACKHEROES! is kind of like that. You start to really dig one song, and the next song on their debut EP takes you in an entirely different direction. It is a refreshing glass of flavor in quite a bland scene. That might be a mix of sultry and addicting vocalizing mixed with a bit of rapping over the ambient instrumentation.

While they might have quite a lot going on in terms of their sound, that is no where near the magnitude of what they have going on as a band right now. Currently, they are in contention for a spot to play at a huge rock concert run and sponsored by the Hard Rock Cafe. This Battle of the Bands is offering a total of 4 groups the opportunity to play before thousands of people in the United Kingdom. While all would get to play on a side stage, the grand prize winner of the four finalists will share a stage with the likes of Bon Jovi and other huge rock acts.

It would be an understatement to suggest that people are not already really getting behind this band. The fact that they are in contention in this competition alone is indicative of the thousands of fans that they already have.

So really what you need to be thinking is of the means for you to get on board with this band before everyone does. Who doesn’t like to have the story about being a fan of a group before they hit the big time? It is quite likely that if you are a fan of KNAPSACKHEROES!, you are going to have a story like this. - Gretchen Burton

"Winner Nashville Hard Rock Battle of the Bands"

The best band in Nashville! - Hard Rock Cafe

"Top 20"

"One of the top twenty independent artists you should know." - CCM Magazine

"They make an impression, and leave you wanting more."

This short three-song piece of ear candy came as quite a bit of a surprise. The album cover promises something wacky and definitely off the wall. If this band came off sounding like Coldplay after presenting such odd artwork, I was going to throw it against the wall. Lucky for us, this self-described “everything but the kitchen sink” band features slices of experimental electronica, pop, rock and hip-hop, all guided by producers Tedd T and Lynn Nichols (MuteMath, Mat Kearney). And somehow, they form cohesive and intriguing hints of what’s to come for this band.

The EP kicks off with “You Don’t Know Sarah,” a love song to a girl. It’s a fresh take on beauty, because rather than focus on what she looks like, the song is completely absorbed in her words and her inner beauty.

Next up is “My Tubesocks,” a slightly more laid back song that starts out with a Rufus Wainwright-esque vocal section. It morphs into a piano-and-drum-driven investigation of the road that stretches ahead of all of us in our lives as we pursue our dreams and callings. Leave it up to KNAPSACKHEROES! to take an out-of-style fashion statement and turn it into a truly thought provoking song.

And finally, there’s “Espirit De Floor.” After the first two cuts of the EP, it ratchets up the pounding drums and electronica. This is the song that’s destined for dance clubs across the country. But after the lyrical depth of the previous two songs, this one leaves a bit to be desired. (”All you boys on the left/All you girls on the left/Make a move to the middle/Gonna dance all night.”) But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

With a fourteen-minute run time, this self-titled EP barely gets started before it’s already over. But they make an impression, and leave you wanting more. Whether or not they live up to the gauntlet they’ve thrown down here? Only time will tell. -


"YOU DON'T KNOW SARAH (Single)" - 2010 (dPulse Recordings / Universal Music Group)

"KNAPSACKHEROES! EP" - 2009 (self-released)

"THE STUDIO SESSIONS DEMO EP" - 2006 (self-released)



Described as an "everything and the kitchen sink" type of band, the sound of Nashville's KNAPSACKHEROES! is a hybrid of alternative dance-rock, synth-pop, experimental electro, and hip-hop. With themes that run the gamut, KNAPSACKHEROES! has stepped into a void needed to be filled—positive and intelligent pop music that appeals to the masses.

With an exciting live show that features two dynamic lead singers and a band that plays everything from standard instruments to toy keyboards, an Atari system and iPhones, KNAPSACKHEROES! are taking the music world by storm one concert at a time. The band has shared stages with a diverse collection of national artists such as Family Force 5, Framing Hanley, The Band Perry, Mona, Cavo, Futureman of Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, The Working Title, Discover America, and MC Chris among others.

The future of this band looks to carry much promise as well, as the band recently released a self-titled EP produced by the team behind artists such as Mutemath and Mat Kearney.

The members of KNAPSACKHEROES! hail from all over America—from places as diverse as California, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Texas and Tennessee. But it was the music industry in Nashville that each member was attracted to individually, and eventually their love for music drew them together in 2005 to become what is now known as KNAPSACKHEROES! They recently self-released an EP produced by the team behind such artists as Mutemath, newsboys, Mat Kearney, and David Crowder Band. This self-titled EP is available on iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere music is sold online. In 2010 KNAPSACKHEROES! was signed to dPulse Music, an imprint of the Universal Music Group, and will release new music in 2011.

It would appear that KNAPSACKHEROES! offers a uniqueness that may indeed prove to rise above the crowded field of today’s music and, as one of their songs says, veer away from the ordinary.

For more information see To schedule an interview/performance with KNAPSACKHEROES!, please email or call 615-720-2585.