Knee & Toes

Knee & Toes

 London, England, GBR

K&T is a duo comprising two kind of guitar (string and nylon) and vocal. We brings acoustic pop as their musical nuance. Ristri Putri as knee and Bie Black as toes which met in 2009 in a music project. The name of K&T is from a children song Head, Shoulder, Knee, and Toes.


Knee & Toes is based on Ristri's solo project. After she met Bie, she changed her mind and she asked Bie to join with her and make a duo.
"Knee & Toes"'s name comes from a children song (which sung by Bie's niece at that time) Head, Shoulder, Knee and Toes. Ristri loves that song and wanted to use Knee and Toes as duo name.


EP : Knee&Toes - Play Land (2010)