knexxt is a classice rock and blues band from Portland, Oregon with emphasis on original songs.


We came together in 2002 and imediatly clicked. Our musical preferences where very similar. Most of which was of Rock and Blues from the 70's and agree on most of todays music as well. Both Chris and myself (Jim) like to create original songs. Chris creates more rockin' sounding tunes and I'm in a Blues/Jazz mode at the moment. Born in 1960, my era was definately 70's rock and was influenced by artists from Black Sabbath to Neil Young and everything in between. The fact that we're all in our forties allows us to present a mature and fun sound and gives credibility to our blues.


"Indecision" was released on my own dime and time with a group of friends. We called ourselves Indecision simply because we couldn't decide on a name for the band. It was a compilation of songs I had written over the years and decided that they should be recorded for postarity at least. We started out at East Side Recordings above Produce Row Cafe and finished the last for songs on a 16 track digital recorder I had purchased. Chris Kneer and Darren Stark joined and finished the sessions with me. We ended up leaving "Indecision" formed a new band called "knexxt". Feel free to click around. We think our music is worth a listen. Please contact us and tell us if you agree.

Set List

Typical Set List Rock club or bar/tavern @ 45-55 min.

Standin' at the crossroads: cover
Honky Tonk Women: cover
Saw her standing there: cover
Don't love me so much: original
Baby baby: original
Have you ever seen the rain: cover
The one I love: original
Show me the way: cover
Mary Jane's last dance: cover
Rocky mountain way: cover

Typical Set List Blues club or bar/tavern @ 45-55 min.
Now that your gone: original
Ain't got nothin original
This time we're through: original
Don't love me so much: original
Baby baby: original
Looking for a women: original
Stormy Monday: cover