Knife & Son

Knife & Son


Bombastic indie rock with soaring choruses and incisive lyrics.


Knife & Son formed in the fall of 2005. We play a unique brand of indie rock oriented around catchy melodies, big guitars, and penetrating lyrics. The members of the band sport diverse influences ranging from early Cure to Guided by Voices to Red Sparrowes to the Smiths to Pavement. Knife & Son shows feature plenty of decibels and exactly zero lulls.


Knife & Son recorded a 4-song demo at venerable Portland institution Jackpot! Studios in early 2007. The fruits of our labor can be found at

Set List

With a large stable of songs to choose from, we can tailor our set list to the occasion. Our shows typically range from 30-45 minutes. Our songs tend to average somewhere around the 3-5 minute range. A typical set list would include these songs:

1. Radiate
2. Act Your Age
3. Underneath the Encore
4. Getaway Car
5. You Chose Wisely
6. Status Anxiety Tour
7. Send This Search To Summit
8. We Need More Arrows
9. Faith
10. Endless Rust