Knifey Spoonie

Knifey Spoonie


Knifey Spoonie is best described not by a genre, but an ideal: musical funology. While other bands may look serious and contemplative on stage, KS sweat and drool. With bits of jazz, post-punk, hard rock, and southern boogie all put together, Knifey Spoonie is THE choice for the ADD music fan.


Specializing in the craft of the pop rock song, KS combines witty lyricism with pent-up, poor-man angst. Jared and Alex met originally in Bloomington working together at Denny's, and an unbreakable bond of anger and irritation would ensue. Greg recruited the two for another music project, but instead decided to begin anew with a fresh mind and body of ideas. In the spring of 2009, Drew was brought on to hit skins and babysit the band. The drive behind KS is the dynamic of differing styles and influences from each member, each plotting wholeheartedly to stun and confuse the others. The true impact of KS is in its live show; uncompromising and raw, KS will put a lil' jingle in anyone's two-step. After surviving a two-week tour in the summer of 2009, the band has high hopes for further survival and more empty floors to rest weary heads upon.


Knifey Spoonie - Knifey Spoonie (self-titled release, Dec 2009) / performed live on WFHB's Local Live program, Aug 2009

Set List

1)Phantom Shitter 2)In Hot Pursuit 3)Little Squares 4)When I Win The Lottery (cover) 5)No Regrets 6) Green Dress 7) Super Scientific Playroom 8)Chicken Lawyer 9) November Dream 10) Entropy