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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | MAJOR

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | MAJOR
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"Into The Night With Chris Sanders - Screamer Magazine"

Knight Fury is the brainchild of guitarist/songwriter, Chris Sanders who may be best known for his work with Lizzy Borden and Nadir D’Priest…until now. Sanders assembled a cast of amazing players and friends to record Knight Fury’s debut album, Time To Rock, a back-to-the-roots metal album. The players include William King on vocals, Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) on bass, Ken Mary (Alice Cooper, Fifth Angel) on drums and of course Sanders, who has been compared to the late Randy Rhoads on guitar. With the album’s release, all that’s left to do now is tour and he plans to do a lot of that. - Screamer Magazine

"Knight Fury - DarkScene Metal Magazine"

Zugegeben, Bandname, Artwork und Albumtitel sind alles andere als einfallsreich. Dass das Knight Fury Debüt dennoch seit Wochen meinen Player blockiert hat aber ohnehin andere Gründe. Es ist die magische Atmosphäre, die die Songs von "Time To Rock" verbreiten. Es ist die 80er Jahre Aura, die wunderbar zarte US Metal Note mit Melodic Metal Flair und Hard Rock Rock Anstrich, die Songs wie den großartigen Eröffnungstrippel "Nothing Left", "Attack" und "Forbidden" für Fans von Fifth Angel und Riot aber auch Queensryche, Heir Apparent oder Crimson Glory so unfassbar schön macht. - DarkScene Metal Magazine

"Knight Fury - Queens Of Steel - Spain ( English/Spanish)"

Hello Tania, Thank you so much for reaching out to me. As you know, Knight Fury has released their debut album “Time to Rock”. It is available from Pure Steel Records in Vinyl format to be released in August with an exclusive White cover as compared to the CD Black cover.

We have also just signed a deal with Rubicon Music in Japan for the Japanese release which includes 2 bonus tracks. That will be available world wide in September. The “Time to Rock” CD has been available from retailers worldwide since the release and you can also order signed copies from - Queens Of Steel Spain

"Knight Fury on Metal Kaoz"

This release goes back somewhere in 2011 but I just recently came across - accidentally - this private release by this project assembled by once LIZZY BORDEN guitarist Chris Sanders. The remaining lineup as you can see is top notch, with Dave Ellefson widely credited as MEGADETH’s bassist, while Ken Mary’s portfolio includes works with (hold your breath…) ALICE COOPER, HOUSE OF LORDS, CHASTAIN, FIFTH ANGEL, IMPELLITTERI, TKO, BONFIRE, ACCEPT, Robin Beck, TUFF and BAD MOON RISING. I also read in the project’s official site that a TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA inspired project called NORTHERN LIGHT ORCHESTRA features Sanders again working with David Ellefson and Ken Mary.

Ok, that’s enough for history/encyclopedia lessons. On with album: “Time To Rock” smells from miles away like an American Metal (with a touch of powerful Hard Rock) release but with a sensitive European Metal touch too. This private release sees the band performing songs with soaring melodies and over-the-top lead themes that have a classic Metal vibe but also some neoclassical smell. Up tempo drumming with non-exaggerating double bass pedaling is also featured, the guitar riffs are simple yet melodic and the leads shall bring to mind classic 6-string heroes like Randy Rhoads or Tony Macalpine.

The music could also be categorized as US Power lyrical Metal, since the dominant melodies are widespread in the album. The vocals also are having this American Metal smell, owing a lot to the basic heritage (but not full-extend) of US singers of 80s bands like QUEENSRŸCHE, CRIMSON GLORY or FIFTH ANGEL. Nice thing is that the album grows easily in your ears in its simplified yet carefully structured harmonies, plus the basis for the songs seems to be a motive for ‘just Heavy Metal’ songwriting. Hence, the vocals are not shrieking and the guitars offer a lot in the dual leads field but stay away from being primitive or ultra-epic.

KNIGHT FURY is a nice album for traditionally-shaped Heavy/Power Metal with a distinct melodic/neoclassical touch. It’s really a shame such a release has been so far left unnoticed; “Time To Rock” is for you, the older Metal fan, that rarely sees CDs walking the 80s-spirit path in the Metal market. Do yourself a favor and visit the band’s official site to order a copy and smile wide to the fact that there’s still good Metal music being produced in America, even in a DYI (like e.g. FIREWÖLFE)
- Metal Kauz

"Knight Fury on Blabbermouth........."

Bassist David Ellefson (MEGADETH), drummer Ken Mary (ALICE COOPER, IMPELLITTERI, FIFTH ANGEL) and vocalist William King are among the guest musicians who appear on "Time To Rock", the debut album from KNIGHT FURY, the project led by former LIZZY BORDEN guitarist Chris Sanders.

Regarding the KNIGHT FURY sound, Sanders said in an early 2011 interview with Full Metal Review, "It's all about] great riffs, hooks and truly great music. The whole album [has] that sound, but there is variation. They really are all hit songs!

"The last several years I have been really disappointed with the way heavy metal and hard rock has gone off track.

"I'm really trying to keep a traditional true metal sound and stay away from what music has become."

He added, "KNIGHT FURY is my own production. The concept is the best musicians playing great metal music.

"It was great to have Ken Mary on drums and Dave Ellefson on bass. William King did the vocals and just nailed it. Everyone added the perfect blend to create a great record. These truly are the best musicians I have ever worked with. They are also my good friends. We [previously] worked together on the NORTHERN LIGHT ORCHESTRA album, 'The Spirit Of Christmas'."

When asked if KNIGHT FURY is strictly a studio project, Sanders said, "KNIGHT FURY will tour. That's the great thing about the band. It really is an all-star cast. You never know who will be out on the road.

"I want to bring in as many rock stars as possible to create a great sound. But at the same time I want people that believe in what they are doing." -

"Knight Fury in My Global Mind~"

With the large amount of excellent releases in the rock and metal genres lately, unfortunately there’s always going to be a handful of great records that slip through the cracks. One album I would definitely put in this category is TIME TO ROCK by KNIGHT FURY, released in the latter part of last year without a record label. You may be tempted to skip this one due to it’s self-released nature, but this ain’t your ordinary unsigned band.

KNIGHT FURY was actually put together by none other that Chris Sanders from LIZZY BORDEN and also features MEGADETH bass player Dave Ellefson, ALICE COOPER BAND drummer Ken Mary and metal vocalist extraordinaire William King. A very juicy line-up indeed and the perfect combination of experience, skill and raw hunger. The band don’t try and take their music to a new level or anything like that, instead they opt for a very dedicated hard rock/heavy metal hybrid that takes a little from the melodic metal side of things for good measure. The experience of the members involved in this band shines through in every aspect of this album and you don’t just get a great feel like this unless you really know what you’re doing.

There’s an interesting element here in the fact that vocalist William King is probably not the typical sort of guy you would usually expect to front this sort of outfit. He has an almost Vince Neil quality about him at times and occasionally even brings out a voice that would usually be more associated with AOR music, but don’t panic he can still metal wail when he wants to. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t belong here though, in fact this slightly different vocal approach really adds to everything else that is going on. The rhythm section is a sgood as you would expect when you get two guys of the caliber of Ellefson and Mary together. Where the album truly shines though is is the outstanding guitar work of Chris Sanders, who is quickly becoming one of today’s most exciting metal stringers. I’m not the first one to say it I know, but Sanders tone and guitar phrasing really does remind me of the the late Randy Rhodes, and as a traditional metal guitarist that would have to be one of the biggest compliments you could receive. The riffs all have that sharp mid-eighties metal feel to them and the lead breaks are virtuoistic at every turn. Some good old shredding never goes astray with this kind of release either.

If you are looking for something different and innovative then TIME TO ROCK probably isn’t for you, but if you yearn for the days when technical ability, great songwriting and skillful vocals were just as important as image then this new KNIGHT FURY project certainly offers up a tasty platter. Personally I hope the members involved in this project are looking at it as more of a proper band thing as I’d really like to hear what they can come up with next.

Written By ZeeZee
- Myglobalmind


Knight Fury signed a deal with Rubicon Music in Japan for the Japanese release featuring 2 bonus tracks, available world wide, the “Time To Rock” debut album with smashing hit "Forbidden" has been available from retailers since the release and you can also order signed copies from WWW.KNIGHTFURY.COM

KNIGHT FURY - "Time To Rock" - vinyl release as "special limited edition" @ PURE STEEL RECORDS. The special edition is very limited (525 items, gatefold). 425 in black and 100 white. Released July 2012. WWW.KNIGHTFURY.COM



The American metal band KNIGHT FURY was created by guitarist Chris Sanders (ex-LIZZY BORDEN), bass - Dave Ellefson (ANGELS OF BABYLON, MEGADETH), vocals - William King, drums - Ken Mary (ex-TKO, ex-ACCEPT, ex-CHASTAIN, ex-FIFTH ANGEL, ex-IMPELLITERI, ex-ALICE COOPER, ex-HOUSE OF LORDS) and keyboards - Adam Emmons (ex-METAL KNIGHTS).

Chris Sanders is an American rock guitarist and songwriter, Sanders became known amongst Rock and Metal fans all over the world for playing numerous headlining tours in North America and Europe, and playing some of the most notable Festivals on the circuit; Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden) Bang Your Head (Germany) Keep it True (Germany) Kobeta Sonik (Spain) Rocklahoma (USA).

He is also known as the lead guitarist for the heavy-metal band Lizzy Borden 2007-2010 and work with Nadir D'Priest of the 80's rock band London. He toured with Lizzy Borden on their U.S./U.K. tours which included billings at some of the largest rock & heavy-metal music festivals.

Sanders joined forces with former London frontman Nadir D'Priest. Critics compared Sanders playing style to the late Randy Rhoads.

In 2009 Sanders joined other musicians to record with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra inspired Northern Light Orchestra from which he once again worked with David Ellefson and Ken Mary.