Knight in Colors

Knight in Colors

 Denver, Colorado, USA

We want to sound fresh but not stray too far from our backgrounds - grunge, indie rock and alternative rock. We were just voted as runner-up in this years Independent Music Awards for the People's Choice award and our new EP 4th of July was called "one of the best releases [of the] year.


Knight in Colors is a four-piece band from Colorado Springs, CO. Made up of Ben Scott, Dan Cusson, Hunter Hovenga and Chase Perry, this quartet comes from all walks of life and musical backgrounds. However, the one thing that ties them together is their love for making raw, pure, and genuine alternative music.

Founded in 2011, Knight in Colors has constantly evolved and grown in their musicianship. Depending on one another to provide a unique dynamic and perspective, each member is an integral component to achieving the band's trademark sound.

Despite their love for the creative rush of writing music in the studio, Knight in Colors feels most at home playing in front of a crowd. Having been lucky enough to have played alongside some of Colorado's most talented acts, the group cherishes their time on stage. This is immediately apparent by their impassioned and energetic live show -- and it's this passion and drive that solidifies Knight in Colors as one of the rising bands in the alternative scene.
-Brett Makedonski


Demo - August 2012
4th of July - May 2013