Jacksonville, Florida, USA
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"My Heart's My Amplifier...I Don't Need No Mic."


    Artistic, solid, understanding, honest. These are but a few words that describe KnightKrawler. He realized at a young age he had a desire to write what others would not and could not say aloud. As a published author of two books, Endless Night and The Rules of Poetry, he shares his knowledge and inspires both artists and fans alike. 


    In addition to being a published author, KnightKrawler has an extensive performance background and has showcased across the United States facilitating lectures, and spoken word events. When he first started performing, KnightKrawler did a show where he came from a dark corner of the room and did a piece that wowed the crowd. It was almost as if he teleported into the room.

   Someone later told him that nobody expected him to speak, and definitely not like that.

His style of poetry combines traditional slam with audience participation. KnightKrawler’s signature phrase, “My Heart’s My Amplifier, I Don’t Need No Mic.” has become a centerpiece to the art form and reinforces the truth that, “Nobody can tell your story better than you can.” Whether you are in the mood to laugh, cry, or simply be inspired, he has a message you will undoubtedly receive. His words will move you, his delivery will surprise you, and you will never forget his name. 


KnightKrawler Presents "Amplifier" Feb. (2012)

Cinderella (2010) streaming and radio play
Red Lingerie (2010) streaming and radio play
Amplifier (I Don't Need No Mic) (2010) streaming and radio play

Set List

My sets are a blend of spoken word and hip-hop ranging from 15-45 minutes. I can perform with and without a mic as well as acapella or with a beat.

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