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Jacksonville, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1998 | INDIE

Jacksonville, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1998
Band Spoken Word Hip Hop




"Review on KnightKrawler's single "Perfect Woman""

The beginning of the song is good. The words spoken by the artist are touching. Very true. One of the things I love hearing in songs: the soul, the way it makes you think, the truth in each word, the feelings you feel as they speak. It also makes me close my eyes, bob my head slowly, and watch the image his words create in my mind.
Maybe because I am in love or because of the way he speaks about the way he loves this woman, but i can "feel" his true feelings. It is as if he is telling us a story through his music. A very touching one: from the woman's trials and tribulations to his love for her.
I like the way it all flows, (from the rhymes to the slow and smooth beat.) The type of song reminds me of Tupac's "Baby Don't Cry (Keep Your Head Up II)." It's one of those songs that you can easily sing along to or just close your eyes and let it take you away.
All in all...very good track. iPod worthy :p - Chloe Gordon (Ontario, Canada)


[1] So, Krawler, thanks for doing this interview with us. We are also very excited to have your sexy hit single, “Red Lingerie” in the movie, Treacherous! Inquiring minds wanna know….what was the inspiration behind that sexy song and how do you feel about it being on the soundtrack of one of the hottest independent films of the year?

I’m excited about being a part of this movie! It’s a first for my music to be featured this way so that in and of itself is really cool. As for the “inquiring minds”….let’s just say my inspiration comes from the way any guy would feel about a lady he has passion for. It’s one of those songs that uses the sensuality and attraction between a man and a woman to tell a story. I don’t know too many guys that would have a problem seeing their lady in lingerie. A lot of women will dress in lingerie because they know their man would like that. I just tried my best to capture that concept and put it out there to see if people could relate. And besides, red is a sexy color, right?

[2] Tell us what your thoughts are on the music scene in Jacksonville? Do you think the opportunities for independent artists like yourself to flourish in the music industry will present themselves here like they do in larger metropolitan areas?

I think Jacksonville is a growing market for both independent and major label artists. For any artist to flourish they have to put in the effort and work hard for what they want. Even if more well known cities such as Atlanta or Miami, for example, have outlets we may lack I would never say, “Jacksonville has no music scene .” I remember reading a book from Russell Simmons on how when he started out the major record labels in New York knew hip-hop existed but did nothing to support it. That opened up a door for him. Jay-Z had a similar story. He shopped his music to every label in New York and they said he wasn’t good enough. That prompted him to do it himself. Both of these individuals had record labels “down the street from them” but they may as well have been a million miles away and with the internet the way to receive music has changed so much that there is absolutely no reason why an artist’s message should be confined solely within their city’s limits…unless they allow it to.

[3] I remember the first time I heard the “Amplifier” poem and I remember thinking how absolutely hot it was! Tell us what spawned the creation of that poem which ultimately became the title of your album.

Amplifier is one of my more favorite pieces and I’m glad that you liked it. When I wrote it I was trying to find a way to express what I as an artist was feeling about being on a stage and giving my heart to the crowd. I was looking for a way to say hey, look, you don’t need all this fancy stuff and high tech equipment to be good. You need to have heart and let that do the talking for you. The people that stood up during the Civil Rights Movement didn’t care if they had a podium nor did they require a mic so they could be heard. They marched, they protested, they used their inner passion to get their message across to people. I know it can be difficult to stand up in front of a group of strangers, tell them what you’re feeling or thinking, and hope they receive it. Poets are, in a sense, revolutionaries at heart. We want to share with those who want to listen and hope that one day those who don’t will start to pay attention. “Amplifier” is an almost iconic type of a piece and a phrase that spawned a movement in poetry that I never imagined it would do. It makes me proud that so many artists have gravitated to it and connected with it. Amplifier taught me that listening is just as important as talking can be. Many artists can feel they are underappreciated or misunderstood, but my advice to that is this: keep writing. If you stay true to yourself and believe in your cause then doors will open. Remember, You Heart’s Your Amplifier…You Don’t Need a Mic!

[4] So the CD’s are on sale. Tell our readers where they can cop the CD and do you have any performances coming up?

Yeah, the physical CD with all the tracks will be out later this year but in the mean time, people can get a couple of the songs from a lot of places right now. I’m really proud to say that people can get “Red Lingerie” as a ringtone by texting KRAWLA4 to 69937. So, after they watch “Treacherous” and love it they can then go get a ringtone for one of the movie’s songs. They can also go to some of the actual websites of the carriers, like Verizon, and download it that way, too. The songs are on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic and about a dozen or so other places. My website has more information about the ringtones. I’m always updating it with current news and upcoming events so make sure to check it out often. Like, I was just on Urban Network as a featured artist and lots of DJ’s worldwide have been hitting me up with drops that I post for fans to hear.

[5] Krawler, we appreciate you so much and for doing this interview. We are almost done so here’s your last question? Is there anything at all that you want to share with your fans? Maybe some deep, dark secret that nobody knows??

I’ve had a great time talking with you and thanks again for the interview. Deep dark secrets, huh? Well, everyone has a little something they try to keep to themselves and I think that I’ll take advantage of that right now. I’ve got to keep some mystery about myself. I will share, though, that since I was 18 I have given a name to every book of poems I write. The pieces I put in them also have something to do with the title of the book. Oh yeah, and they have to be black composition books. I don’t do spiral notebooks, or legal pads. It has to be a composition book and it’s got to be black. I know it’s not the juiciest thing in the world to find out but it’s one of my little idiosyncrasies.

- Bedynamik Productions

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KnightKrawler Presents "Amplifier" Feb. (2012)

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    Artistic, solid, understanding, honest. These are but a few words that describe KnightKrawler. He realized at a young age he had a desire to write what others would not and could not say aloud. As a published author of two books, Endless Night and The Rules of Poetry, he shares his knowledge and inspires both artists and fans alike. 


    In addition to being a published author, KnightKrawler has an extensive performance background and has showcased across the United States facilitating lectures, and spoken word events. When he first started performing, KnightKrawler did a show where he came from a dark corner of the room and did a piece that wowed the crowd. It was almost as if he teleported into the room.

   Someone later told him that nobody expected him to speak, and definitely not like that.

His style of poetry combines traditional slam with audience participation. KnightKrawler’s signature phrase, “My Heart’s My Amplifier, I Don’t Need No Mic.” has become a centerpiece to the art form and reinforces the truth that, “Nobody can tell your story better than you can.” Whether you are in the mood to laugh, cry, or simply be inspired, he has a message you will undoubtedly receive. His words will move you, his delivery will surprise you, and you will never forget his name.