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Knine brings Christian based reality rap that focuses on his powerful testimony, life experiences, and how God delivered him from an environment of drugs, abuse, and violence to change lives through rap music.


It’s time to remove the stigma!

With music that has been described as "new" and "a breath of fresh air" Knine is sure to change the face of Christian rap. Upon first listen to any of his songs you know immediately that this is not your average Christian rapper or rapper period. With a delivery that is crystal clear he manages to make even the most complex issues understandable. Armed with vividly detailed stories, humorous punch lines, and creative concepts that would rival any secular artist, Knine is poised to become what is affectionately known in the streets as a "problem".

Upon finishing his 16 song self produced debut cd "Regardless" he was able to sell 700+ copies in a matter of weeks locally alone with no promotion or advertising, strictly by word of mouth.
Hungry and ambitious are two words that describe this Milwaukee native who now resides in South Carolina. He was so tired of paying producers fees he saved his money and bought his own equipment and taught himself how to make beats. Which led to him producing all 16 songs on his cd.

Having learned about Christ at a very young age through private Catholic school, the seed was planted and he never forgot what he learned as he left private school to enter public schools and throughout life. Although he never forgot, he was not quick to apply those principles to his everyday life. As a teen and young adult he experimented with drugs and alcohol, and selling drugs. Upon graduating high school he did a 4-year term in the U.S. Air Force as a jet mechanic. After completing his term, he returned to the streets of Milwaukee with plans on becoming the next "rap superstar" but lack of focus and direction saw his plans come to nothing. He took the road all to often traveled by today's inner city youth and tried his hand at selling drugs again. It was a brief period of time before his fast money and big dreams came to a crashing halt as his partner was arrested transporting drugs. Knowing this was a trip he was supposed to be on he quickly realized that it was divine intervention that spared him.
Not long after he dedicated his life to God and focused on making music that would save lives, change minds and save souls.
So when you listen to these songs and you find yourself completely surprised and eager to hear more from Knine, join the club, his music just has that effect on people!!


UnderDogg (2007) Born Again (2005) featuring Salt (Salt-n-Peppa) Lisa McClendon, RAW WORD, C-Note. (Nationally distributed and in stores EVERYWHERE now!!)

The Born Again Mixtape (2005)

The Pinnacle Project B.I.G (2005) featured Song : About time

Regardless (2004)

The Best Of Knine (2004)

Songs currently receiving air play from the new album Born Again:

Never Alone Feat. Salt & Lisa McClendon

About Time


So Glad


Set List

Typical set consists of enough material for 45 mins to 1 hour