Punky pop rock with a hint of Australian sunshine


From New Zealand, via Sydney and now based in Brisbane, these two talented musicians have featured in a number of lineups, but now come together to form "KnobJonni". Currently recording its debut album, KnobJonni is a band to watch out for in 2009.


Burn Like Stars

Written By: Katherine Pilcher

© S Pilcher / K Pilcher 2008

I can’t promise you the world
When you won’t give it all to me
That is something I would never do
‘Cause you’ll get no empty guarantees from me

We’ll burn like stars and shoot the night
Fireflies and satellites
Shoot like stars and burn the night
Forget about the jealous daylight

I love you
Hey you and I
Love you and I
always will

You’re beautiful like rain
And you’re lonely as the sun
And everybody’s circling
‘cause you’ve got them all convinced you’re the one

I love you
Hey you
I love you and I
always will
I love you
I don’t hate you and I
Love you oh I
always will

In another place and time we might be perfect
In another universe we might be all things cool
And if things were in reverse there might be treelined streets
That only lead to you and you and you and you

We’d burn like stars and shoot the night
Fireflies and satellites
Shoot like stars and burn the night
Forget about the jealous daylight


Written By: Katherine Pilcher

Castle © 2008 SPilcher / KPilcher

There you go again shutting me down
Like an elevator closing and off to another place
It’s not that I blame you at all but in a room of excuses
You are always the loudest

And it’s always the little things you notice
And the big things that you can’t see
Like the way that my heart is following you
And the fingerprints on the door that you leave

You got what you want
but not what I need
God I need the antifreeze
hand over the keys
I give and you take
I’m live and you’re fake
Baby you can get off your knees
and hand over the keys

You are a castle on the hill with the drawbridge up
If you were any other building you would be fort knox
I can see you in the doorway with your soul laid bare
Then the vision disappears and I’m left standing there

Bitter makes sweet taste good now
Bitter makes sweet taste
exactly like it should
Inside every cloud there is silver shining

Tongue Tied

Written By: Katherine Pilcher

Tongue Tied © 2008 SPilcher / KPilcher

Today I got tongue tied
Like a shoe lace Coming undone oh no
Too late for my haircut
I think I’ll spin out I think I’ll spin out

Hello I love you
You don’t need to tell me so
Hello I love you
I just wanted you to know

Today when I woke up I was early
Stolen from my dream
Wrong side of my bunk bed I got a sore head
Espresso without the steam

Today I got caught up downtown
With somebody that I know
Found out in a close up when I’m so tough
I’m not so tough

I’ve been tripping over me
tripping over you
Since there’s nothing else to do
could you trip over me too?

Set List

Burn like stars
Gerhmains Paradise
Losing my nerve
I want to tell you something
Somewhere over you