Madison, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip HopR&B

original wrtters skills original beats and have meaning to every song love to perform and give my fans something to look forward to and thats greats songs and music


born in 78 alive in 2012 trying to knocamil to take care of my wife and kids my mom travel the world do shoes live right stay out of jail and do the right things break and sale records. every artist has stlye and talent found away for the publick to accept them i got a way where thge public and fans can do that and find thereselfs through my music KNOCAMIL.


love u momma was written for all mothers and mines. speechless was written for the woman that has issues with they self image i want to change the game without the gorgeous woman in the videos. chi town stand up was written for the talent in that city to knpw we can Knocamil together besides hating and knocking each other so stand up an help one another other than knocking each other. on the flo was written for shawn paul never got it pitch to him but i wrote it with him in mind i just wanted men and woman to interact with each other when we out partying. this is gangsta was written for the so call ganstas in the music biz that think its ok to talk gansta but acting like girls and they got out the ghetto and dont seem blessed fake Ganstas.all the rest of figure it out when u listento em.