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Well Grip Wrench songs are construst, uplifting,educational roots reggae that can play in every home..


Sherwayne Morgan o/c Knocklife The Rapper, Knocklife has come a far way today from being the little country boy to a well sought after musician. His first break came in Late 2010 when he recorded his hit single "The way You Wine" featuring another prodigy "Minky", which has received rave reviews from the dancehall public and media follows the video release. Sighting his forthcoming success his personal friend I-octane invited him on the Irie F.M Western Road Show where he awed the crowds with his rhymes and Lyrics. Since the beginning of 2011 things have really taken off for this promising Rapper where in he has recorded several other singles such as "Peace fi Da Youth"," Dreams", "Suffering" "Sweet Malika" and "Joy" featuring Grip Wrench another of Jamaicas upcoming musicians All Produced by Bold n Boasy Entertainment. These works of art have not gone unnoticed as he
Proving wrong those who told him he wouldnt make it and always thinking positively. It is this way of life that has caused him to persevere and make his name in a genre of music that many Caribbean artiest choose to steer clear of. Rap!
Was invited for interviews on Links FM radio and television stations such as R.E TV where he was also featured on their Artiste Block "Pon di Corner".
Not to be outdone the written Media copped a piece of the action where he received a full page spread in Jam Vybz Magazine as well as World Renowned Pier 1 has been graced by his performances
This well rounded individual also recognizes the importance of aiding a worthy cause as he was a noted avid supporter of World Aids Day alongside Dancehall superstars Tammy Chin and Voicemail in 2010. He also does what he can to help educate the young men around him providing them with the basic necessities in order for them to attend school. He states that this is his way of giving back to his community helping others to help themselves.
Knocklife vows to continue perusing his music career in a positive light. His aim is to always make constructive music as todays culture thrives off what an artiest sings, Djs or Raps. "Music is a way of communication, so if this is how I can get people to listen then my music will be used to send a positive message always." Stated the artiste. When asked what his plans are for more music he stated "I will be in the studios everyday every chance I get so look out because it wont stop here."
Rapper knocklife is keep busy these days, and according to reports this is set to continue throughout the end of the year. After his performance at LIVE on the Waterfront at Pier 1 Montego Bay,
Jamaica, April 24, 2011 he has become favor in promoters heart as a show man. He has performed in Negril, Westmoreland, and St. Mary and will be in the west, with the likes of Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Khago, Romain Virgo and more. At Western Jerk Festival and Family Fun Day set to take place at the Dump up Beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica May 13, 2012.


Abum. LIFE,
(1). Peace for the Youths by Knocklife
ft. Danger chris
(2). School It by Knocklife
(3). Protest Poetry by Knocklife
(4). Joy by Grip Wrench ft Knocklife
(5). Sweet Malika by Grip Wrench ft Knocklife
(6). What Are You Saying to Me by Sexy.G ft. Knocklife
(7). The Way You Wine by Minky ft Knocklife
(8). Relationship by Knocklife
(9). Conversation by Knocklife
(10). Tell It All by Knocklife
Singles:, These Streets, I Like It and Sell We Out with Ricky Chopz & Minky

Set List

8 Songs 45 minute