Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Cutting to the quick with spare instrumentation and a soulful vocal delivery, Knots' musical poetry has created a powerful atmosphere for audiences all across Canada.


Knots has been the songwriting outlet of Calgarian artist Neal Moignard since 2007, when he began playing privately composed music for a small public in unlikely venues around his hometown. Hillsides, bank vaults, and friends' basements eventually became stages across Canada, as he found a surer voice and larger audience. In 2009 Knots toured across Canada in support of Montréal's Braids, and his first album release, The Blistering Sun, The Pale Moon, Hahahaha. A 2012 followup to that album marked his return to Calgary, where he has begun to craft a new catalogue of songs, in hopes that this set could pin down the condition.


White River of White Lies (2012)
The Blistering Sun the Pale Moon, Hahahaha (2009)