Knova Jones

Knova Jones


A very diverse blend of rock, blues, reggae, and punk. An extreme stage performance,over the top instrumentation; all mixed in, yet carrying more of a pop rock sound.


Knova Jones is a four piece rock band based out of Birmingham AL. The unique mixure that each member brings creates a sound unlike most. With a energetic stage show and a large and growing fan base, Knova Jones has become one of the most respected bands in their area.
Knova Jones has more influences than most bands. The rock sound Knova Jones puts out is mainly heard in the guitar and drums. Mixed in with bass lines that are well layed out in more of a funk way, allowing the vocals to go from soft and sweet to deep and mean.
Knova Jones has been reviewed by almost every newspaper in the Birmingham area and every local website. Articles have been written all the way from winning battles many times to allowing the public to know where they will perform.
In regards to all of the local media exposure, radio play and television broadcasting, Knova Jones has managed to gain support from fans and critics. Due to a fast increase in exposure, their fan base is begginging to reach across the state of Alabama, into Atlanta Georgia, and Nashville Tennesee.


All For Fun

Written By: Knova Jones

She said her life was hard
she said that it has been beating her
she said the more she tries the more she wants to fall apart
Her momma didn't want her and her daddy wouldn't keep her and her boyfriend ran around with all the sluts in town
she was headed for the bottom when I finally got to meet her
we sat up all night and told each other our secrets

Cause when you're young it's all for fun
but if I knew what I know now, I would've avoid it
or changed it all somehow


Written By: Knova Jones

Goin' to a party at the 369 tonight
prayin' to god that I'll make it out alive
cops are showin' cause they're not on duty tonight
the sun is coming up, I'm coming down and it's hard to drive

I can't believe that it's happened to me
you won't believe the things I've seen
I can't slow down I'll never let go
you call it hell I call it my home

Girls are willing at the ole 369
separate the ladies cause there is going to be a little cat fight
she is back again with the look of love in her eyes
she's goin down won't make a sound wait untill I get in between her thighs

Amps at 11 at the ole 369
walls are shakin' and noone sleeps tonight
my ears are ringin' my fingers are stingin' I'm losing my mind
too drunk to play but we do it anyway all the time

Memories ( of you )

Written By: Knova Jones

What if I never told you that the pain inside of me
what if I never told you what a pain you could be
well it happened years ago, I was high apon the world, now that you showed up I am dreaming of a girl

I can't sleep I can't eat I can only drink without you
I don't know why I'm awake at 4 a.m
I don't know why worried about the shape I'm in
I don't know why it could have ended better
I don't know why cause now I won't forget her
If I could only tell you, if I could only tell you that I'm drowning in the memories of you

She said I never listen she also had her reasons
and they were so important, but why I can't remeber
cause I've fallen out of touch
my mind speaks to me so much
I cannot figure why I'm dreaming of the girl


Written By: Knova Jones

If you followed you're warning sighns
children would swim alphabetically
and mountaintops would all fall in line
single file by height
If there was the only way
daydreaming would stop at 5 o'clock
and the program news it flashees off from left to right

You don't always get you're way
slow to wake
Bugs Bunny love

Thought those people would never grow old
guess that's just the price I pay

Alabama Sun

Written By: Knova Jones

Waves of envy roll across the ocean breaze
all my sentences but at least I know I'm free
I said a better wave is about to change
I know I love you baby and that's the way that it stays

Oh my tempatures risen
I just can't fight it
theres no need to deny it
baby I just can't fight it

Got to get back to Houston's line
I got to get myself up on the live wire
got to get back to where I'm from
I got to fell my face touch the Alabama sun

Waves of envy
they make my skies just a little bit greyer
and all my sentences I fell like I just got no need to complain
I said a better wave is about to change
I said I love you baby and that's the way that it stays

So Far Gone

Written By: Knova Jones

It's my luck that keeps me growin'
my broken heart keeps growin'
and my friends are gone
I sit at home and wonder what went wrong
I could give you so much more
there is nothing left no reason for it
so much more open the bottle here I go again

There's a hole in this glass leaking out my sanity
so far from, so far gone, so far from sobriety
in so far there's no way out there's no way out
theres no reason to scream and shout
so little left to go on with all the pain that we keep showin'


Knova Jones debut album "So Far Gone" was released on May 26th and can be found in almost all record stores across the state.

Set List

Mostly origanals, but covers are used in many shows.Set lists are:

All for fun
Memories of you
Spare Me
So Far Gone
Feelin' Generous
Cold Shoulder
Whisper Winds
The Bitter End
Alabama Sun

Covers include:
Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Under The Bridge
Stone Temple Pilots- Sex Type Thing
Sublime- Santeria; What I got
Steve Miller- The Joker
The Black Crowes- She Talks To Angels
38 Special- Hold on Loosely
Steppenwolf- Magic Carpet Ride
Widespread Panic- All Time Low
Bad Company- Feel Like Making Love
Guns N Roses- Sweet Child O Mine; Knocking On Heaven's Door
Tom Petty- Mary Jane's Last Dance
Brian Adams- Summer of '69
Poison- Nothin' but a good time
Seether- Broken
Puddle of Mudd- She Fuckin' Hates Me
Hank Willams Jr- Family Tradition
Lynard Skynard- Sweet Home Alabama
Green Day- When I Come Around
Lit- My Own Worst Enemy
BTE- Good
Georgia Sattalites- Hands To Yourself
Motley Crue- Home Sweet Home